this is an important warning call, a call that is just so needed, that the jingoistic fundamentalist language of the federal politicians is causing much harm to our fellow australians who happen to be islamists. do they somehow forget one of their own ranks is a muslim? meet ed husic, labor member for chifley. or do they use the racist explanation used against then-liberal- senator neville bonner that extolled the white-blindfold-view that “yes, you are aboriginal, neville, but you are one of us and not like them aborigines we talk about.” i wonder how ed feels about sitting in parliament listening to the rantings of the foul abbott and others denigrating his faith as a an “apocalyptic death cult.”

in attacking the taliban or isil, isis or is or whatever title can or may be used we are, as richard says, making it extremely difficult to come to a negotiated peace of sorts. how long will it take for the western powers and especially u.s. hegemony to accept that the elective oligarch system, often called democracy, is just not attractive to some of the muslims of the world? and quite a few other countries also. the question is, quite naturally, easy to answer: when the oil and other resources needed to turn the wheels of capitalism run out! then the middle eastern states will be merely one big sand-pit where any human atrocity can occur without raising so much as an eyebrow of interest from those governments attempting to claim the high moral ground with their lies.

whatever the terms of the apologia by various politicians that they are not attacking muslims or the muslim faith you can rest assured that that is exactly what they are doing and with great malice aforethought indeed. they need to bring ‘terrorist’ fear to the citizens that find others strictly unlike themselves to be ‘exotic’ but nevertheless very capable of causing attacks against them. they, the politicians, need to create a faux state of terror to push through more extreme, and unnecessary, ‘anti-terror laws’ that attack our rights of freedom more than against any perceived terrorist.

richard is, of course, absolutely correct when he points out that there has been no terrorist attack on australian soil for 40 years at least. none, zero, zilch. even the arrests of ‘alleged terrorists’ here has been, to my eyes, based on very dodgy evidence. the only ‘terrorist’ attacks in this country that could maybe be identified as such are those irish and other nations miners in the eureka stockade, the attack on a broken hill train by some turkish camaleers during ww1 and the cia destabilisation of the whitlam government from 1972 – 1975. even the terrorist bombing in bali, some believe, was aimed at that bar because it was a popular spot for american forces on leave. there is a view that whilst the american spooks knew of the pending attack and pulled their people out, but for unexplainable reasons, they failed to alert the australian authorities. the case of the hilton bombing was nothing more than an exercise by our spooks that went terribly wrong.

the demonising or terrorising of muslims in this country just to further the aims of other powers, is unconscionable in its extreme. we know only too well the federal governments alarm over decades to refusing asylum to those asylum seekers who follow the muslim faith. the number of our muslim australians in this country is small but growing and 99.95% are as peaceful as the rest of us. from time to time extremists pop up like those involved in the cronulla riots, (it was also very much a two-way exercise though), some rapist gangs and perhaps other examples but we did not try to include all muslims in these actions. despite the vitriol of the verbal vomit and other racists to whip things up. we, the people, calmed it down and life, as it always does, moves on to the next crisis that is presented to us.

we dealt with it by analysing the factors involved and whilst terrible for some both sides learnt lessons from it. in all the chatter and slanging that passes for analysis in this country we seem to always steadfastly refuse to ask the question, why do these events happen? what brings them on? why do we/they act/react as happens? yes, the muslim faith appears to have many factions within it as do the other religions in the world but these divisions are man-made, they are made by us to better reflect where we fit into the plethora of -isms. there are still some poor deluded souls who reject, jews, the irish, inter-faith factions to somehow answer some deficiency of thought within themselves.

to have a war you obviously need an enemy and in this war, this so-called terrorist war, that enemy is those who oppose the hegemony of the usa and their deputies. if we were invaded for very spurious reasons by indonesia, china or some other country and our country was laid waste, would not some of us get a bit aggressive? i believe some would. now if that aggression is masked in a nationalistic or religious cloak, as it often is, then so be it. we are invaders in their lands and they will fight in whatever form that they can. as we would if the circumstances were different.

i do not condone the beheadings that isis does but whether we like it or not that is how their regimes work. they behead, they torture. they hang, they stone, among other methods, their females are treated as animals with no rights of education or choice and yet governments around the world deal with them every day in banking, in trade and many other areas. it seems we only become hypocrites when we need a reason to invade.

i have yet to read or hear some sensible analysis of why isis wants a caliphate? could it be to protect their region, their society, their religion from the abasements of the capitalist nations? we are continually being told that these rebels hate our democracy, what utter rubbish! if that were even remotely true why are not the arab states, such as saudi arabia, qatar, iran, iraq, among others, slavishly following the usa in its capitalist extremes? simple, they do not want that dog-eat-dog society at all! their standards are not our standards and neither should be forced upon the other.

when people from other societies come to this country they are expected by some to become anglo-saxon in their outlook despite their nationality or religion. assimilation, as we aborigines know only too well, is not the way to go. we have thankfully become, with much protest, a multicultural country not a white enclave whereby we lay back and think of mother england. what must be a simple exercise is that old animosities are left elsewhere.we have one law system (as bad as it is) and a very australian way of life and that must be accepted. as i believe it has been accepted by those who have come here otherwise why be here. we are one people in australia with the absolute understanding that we aborigines own the lands still. we do not need the xenophobic governments terrorising any of our peoples and we must stop allowing them to spook us into terrorising our fellow citizens.

i close with the sincere call that has been used in an aboriginal situation and that is do not allow others to make up your mind about those who follow the muslim faith. meet one, talk with one, dine with one, as i have several times, and learn truly of these gentle people. don’t think just do! terrorise the lying governments, not our fellow citizens.


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Islamic State and the language of terror

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