Nauru-A tragedy awaits

This morning a 16 year old boy from Nauru rang. He said I am not safe. I am in danger here. Please help us.

  • He is a UAM that is he has no parents or family.
  • He has been released from detention as a refugee along with 29 other boys under 18 without families.
  • He is living in a house with 15 other boys and there are two other households with the 14 boys.
  • They live about 30 minutes walk from each other.
  • They are too scared to go to school or leave their rooms because of the attack a few nights back when 4 boys were assaulted by a group of Nauruan men.
  • The boys hid in the jungle and on the beach until they made contact with Immigration and Save the Children who took them to hospital.
  • They say that the locals hate all the refugees. From the children to the old men , whenever the boys or refugee families go to the market, they are given “the middle finger” and sworn at.
  • The police are not interested and have not charged anyone
  • The Nauruan Community Liaison person told them that the locals would not kill them only hit them. He said that they must not hit back becasue the people are all related and then the boys would make enemies if they retaliated and the Nauruan families would come after them.
  • The situation is untenable. Over 200 refugees have been released and the Nauruan community are not happy.
  • In any case the visas issued are only for 5 years.
  • If the Refugees survive Nauru what is next for them? Cambodia

Manus has seen two tragedies. How many must die on Nauru before the Australian government rescues these refugees? Their situation is untenable. The Refugees are not safe, not protected. The Minister may like Pontius Pilate wash his hands but the responsibility for these people lives, is with us.
Write ring email talk to your friends and neighbours please. This is a tragedy in the making.

Pamela Curr
Refugee and Detention Rights Advocate
Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

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