G20: we are all excluded

g20 leaflet jpg

g20 leaflet jpg

G20 march poster (6).pdf

2 responses to “G20: we are all excluded

  1. 'Let them eat money' - Phil Monsour


  2. Walking Borders

    Whilst looking at all things G20 I am coordinating an art action to raise awareness around refugee and asylum seeker issues…

    It is a participatory action so those interested can support through making paper boats, walking the borders over a range of days or joining the River flotilla on the Saturday 15th, linking into the People’s March

    We have an infö night tomorrow Wed 29 Oct 2014 from 5 – 7 at Avid reader for people to ask questions and look at potential participation.

    Could you please send this through your network?


    Scotia Monkivitch
    +61 423 987 207


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