G20 People’s Summit

“Visioning another World”: The G20 Peoples Summit will be a three-day festival of symposiums, idea-sharing, art, creative activities, education and action bringing together local and international thinkers on economics, environment, climate change, social justice, colonisation, rights, politics and peace.

Contact summit@briscan.net.au for more information.

Here is the Facebook event page for the People’s Convergence, which will include the People’s Summit and other events between 8 and 16 November 2014: https://www.facebook.com/events/294980230677344/

Event Timetable

6 November

Brisbane G20: Protest and policing in a mature democracy

12 November

People’s Summit

Chill Out Zone Wednesday

John Quiggin: Austerity, G20 and growth

Stephen Keim: Attacks on Civil Liberties and democratic rights

Alternative Economics

13 November

People’s Summit

Chill Out Zone Thursday

Patricia Ranald: What’s Wrong With Free Trade Agreements?

Carbon Violence – Kristen Lyons

Stephen Keim: Surviving in a Time of High Alert

Costas Isychos and Nadia Valavani: European Socialism/Greek Austerity

14 November

People’s Summit

Film and Discussion: Miners Fall Down

Sovereignty, Society, Sustainability: A New Agenda for the 21st Century

Venue List:

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