Unemployed Workers Union formed

We are an organisation formed in 2014 by a group of people who were fed up with being pushed around by Centrelink and the Employment Services providers.

After seeing that there were many others who were just as frustrated as we were (just go to any Centrelink office anywhere in Australia!), we decided to form an organisation that could provide Unemployed Australians with a voice.

At the Australian Unemployment Union, it is our mission to expose the hidden sufferings of the Unemployed. When Australia’s harsh welfare system is exposed, no Australian could honestly stand by and watch.

To often people justify our welfare system but simply saying, “I’d rather be unemployed in Australia than in lots of other countries”. While it is obvious many other countries have worse welfare systems than ours, this is no reason to stop fighting the injustices that are occurring every day under Australia’s welfare system.

For example, the fact that the current rate of Newstart is less than half of what is needed to live out of poverty is completely unacceptable and must stop.

The fact that Centrelink and their hired goons constantly threaten unemployed Australians with homelessness and starvation unless they get their way is unacceptable and must stop.

The fact that hundreds of thousands of people with disabilities and single parents are being forced onto the Newstart program is completely unacceptable and must stop.

These are only a few of many injustices that occur under Australia’s welfare system.

What aspects of Australia’s welfare system are you concerned with?

Join us and lets fight back!

See http://unemploymentunion.com.au/2013/12/10/welcome/

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