What happened at Swan Island?

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Professor Richard Tanter from the university of Melbourne and The Nautalis Institute, has written the following article regarding the recent assaults on Swan Island.

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Richard Tanter, ‘Alleged abuse of protesters against war in Iraq disturbing‘, The Age, 17 October 2014

Law 101 exam question:
Under Commonwealth law, what is the correct sentence for trespass on Commonwealth land?
a. to be stripped naked, hooded, and dragged along the ground?
b. to be threatened with drowning?
c. to be threatened with anal rape?
d. to be threatened with kicking in the face?
Answer: In law, none of these.
In fact, apparently according to members of the ADF’s elite Special Air Service Regiment, all of the above.
Early on the morning of October 2, eight peaceful protesters landed on Swan Island, just across from Queenscliff. They were there to carry out a non-violent protest against the Australian government’s rush to war in Iraq. Swan Island is where ASIS spies and the SASR train. What happened next is now a matter for Defence review.
Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/comment/alleged-abuse-of-protesters-against-war-in-iraq-disturbing-20141016-116rns.html#ixzz3GLk5AMwj

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