Block-AID Stories

Come along to Block-AID Stories
An evening of acoustic music, drinks, talks and solidarity to raise awareness and inspire action.

Friday, October 10
at 6:00pm – 11:00pm
10 Laura Street
Highgate Hill
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 4101

Talks by Ecologists, Activists and Blockade Leaders

Performances by
Andrew Paine


We have a perfect opportunity now to act on climate change in Australia. Our government is planning on expanding coal exports and we are already against the upper limit of emissions. The Maules Creek Coal Mine will tap into one of the largest coal deposits in Australia, but if stopped can play a huge role in showing coal mining companies that we are serious about stopping climate change and protecting Australia’s wildlife.

The mine plans on ripping up hundreds of hectares of state forest, home to critically endangered species, destroying Gomeroi scarred sites and producing as much greenhouse gas emissions as New Zealand per annum. The State Forest is under continuous threat of being clear felled, but the Maules Creek Blockade at the site has managed to delay work frequently and greatly reduce Whitehaven’s share price. Already hundreds of people have been arrested protesting at the forest and thousands have joined together to raise awareness around Australia. Its time to share the story further and join the fight to protect our land, our water and our future.

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