Iraq’s unity and equality for all Iraqis

Amerli was surrounded by the non-Islamic non-Staters for 3 months with 9 year old Turkman kids and their mothers bearing kalashnikovs to aid the men defending Amerli. No Iraqi army, no peshmerga, no Shia militias came to their rescue until now when the non-Islamic non-Staters just melted away before the bombing started and the peshmerga and Shia militias turned up!

Who organised that and why wasn’t the Iraqi army included in the US-Peshmerga-ShiaMilitia alliance?

The so-called Sunnis that the US-Peshmerga-ShiaMilitia alliance target aren’t the non-Islamic non-Staters. They are the resistance groups that have been fighting both the Iraqi army and the non-Islamic non-Staters. This is all a trick to wipe out any group that is a threat to the US-Peshmerga-ShiaMilitia-Israeli alliance and to break Iraq up into a Peshmerga area and a Shia area, and, if the Sunni-dominated resistance stop being anti-US/Israel and anti-Iran and anti-Abadi/Maliki they might be allowed to get a small spot in between.

These so-called “Sunnis”, that include Shia, Turkmen and Kurds as well as communists of Anbar and Nineveh demand that the constitution be rewritten to preserve Iraq’s unity and establish equality for all Iraqis. US hates them.

Political analyst Ali Ismail Dalimi who lives in Anbar province told Al-Monitor,

The Sunnis are a group of tribal sheikhs, rebels and citizens who are determined to start restructuring the political process. If the constitution is not rewritten from scratch, the Sunnis will never stop their revolution.”  see] kkk and isil

5 thoughts on “Iraq’s unity and equality for all Iraqis

  1. hello ray,
    Thanks for posting this article.
    Do you think the strategy of the US now is to break up the resistance and reduce Iraq to warring parts?
    What was happened to those Iraqis who rejected the new constitution and did not participate in the elections?
    in solidarity,

  2. As for the strategy of the US, it firstly needs to be considered how US social engineering in the Middle East is expected to effect the plan to break up the Russian federation which is the only real challenger to US hegemony – China can be bought if Russia is neutralized. Certainly breaking up the resistance in Iraq and Lebanon, and reducing Syria to warring parts are a prerequisite for the wider strategy. I doubt whether the US has yet ascertained whether a US-Israel dominated Zionist-like Kurdistan can be secured as Kurdistan also hosts a strong resistance population controlled violently by the oil-oligarchs Barzani and Talebani. It’s doubtful that US-Israel can wrest away Southern Iraq from strong Iranian domination.
    What was happened to those Iraqis who rejected the new constitution and did not participate in the elections? They are being bombed by the US and attacked by the IS.
    In solidarity, Ray

  3. Perhaps in the end only a Union of Soviet Socialist Secular Arab Republics, militarily strong enough to keep the resource-hungry barbarians at bay, will work for a stable Middle East. That might take quite some time to evolve!

  4. Actually, reduce that to Union of Soviet Socialist Secular Republics as Iran, Turkey, Israel-Palestine an maybe other non-Arab speaking Socialist Secular republics (stretching all the way to Eurasia?) might need to be included.

  5. Will you feel safer if Australia's terrorism alert is raised from 'medium' to 'high'? says:

    This morning, AFP raids, involving no fewer than 180 officers at a book cafe in Logan on the southern outskirts of Brisbane, uncovered one cross-bow and one firearm in the possession of two men of Arab appearance. No, their discovery will not assist the re-election of the Abbott or Campbell-Newman govts … try as ASIO & AFP might, their efforts have so little to do with what is really happening in Syria & Iraq … Yes, Logan City is the same place that Qld police tasered Sheila Oakley, an aboriginal woman grieving because the Dept of Child Safety (DOCs) had stolen her children. Yes, police tasered Sheila Oakley causing permanent loss of sight in one eye … please save us from the AFP and their mates in the Qld Police.

    What qualifies these agencies to say what is terrorism and what isn’t?

    Curiously, the two men were charged with ‘making funds available to or collecting funds for terrorist organisations Jabhat al-Nusra’ but also that they ‘recruited for Islamic State’ (IS). There is a problem with a prosecution based on these claims because these two groups (al-Nusra and IS) are fighting against each other in Syria and Iraq.

    kkk and isil

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