Foco Nuevo in August



Another sure antidote if you’re feeling the cold; this month Foco Nuevo’s guests will be Orsino’s Safari and Clare Quinn!

Orsino’s Safari: an adventure through music, where the prize outweighs the risks, and the journey takes you across genres, continents and instrumental styles. Full of rhythm, life and energy four genre blending musicians play classical instruments with energy, banging and scraping as much as they blow, pluck, bow or strum. Cello, guitar, violin and flute play original works and recreations of contemporary tunes, combining flavours from South America, Africa, and Europe in intricate arrangements that transport you to exotic destinations.[website]

Clare Quinn: Singer, songbird and soulful melody artist Clare Quinn has channeled the Celtic and folk rhythms of yesterday and tempered them with the up beat and hip sensibilities of today. Raw emotion and pure passion is delivered through snippets of stories, well-crafted songs and her distinctive voice. Her tunes and tones have been lovingly crafted to gently serenade your very soul, to soothe and to excite, to charm and to dazzle, to tap your feet and to tug on your heartstrings. [website]

Jumping Fences: The song-writing partnership of Lachlan Hurse and Sue Monk will be playing their energetic folk, tinged with Cuban flavours. Their original works contain imagery and styles that reveal both an incisive insight into Australian life and a long association with Latin American culture. [website]

Hope to see you next Friday,

Lachlan and Sue

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