Paternalism in Aboriginal child removal

[Editor's note: WBT does not usually post academic articles. However this article by Griffith University academic, Clare Tilbury, is helpful in understanding the level of aboriginal child removal since the Bringing them home report (1997) into the Stolen Generation. The article was first published on 10 JUL 2008, not long after the Kevin Rudd apology to … Continue reading Paternalism in Aboriginal child removal

Get on the road to ground the Drones

Get Ready, Get Set, Get On the Road to Ground the Drones May 21, 2014Walk with us part of the 165 miles from the Boeing corporate headquarters in Chicago (where the manufacture of drones and conventional war planes are managed and designed) to the Michigan Air National Guard Facility at Battle Creek, control site of … Continue reading Get on the road to ground the Drones