Homeless in Perth

Good people, from Gerry
Attached is a photo of 4 of the children with me last night in Perth’s outskirts, in bush off a major highway. This family of six school aged children, grandmother and father have been homeless for three months since coming to Perth from near the NT border to give the kids a real hope of education. The quality of education available that Governments claim to be adequate in the remote is actually so low that they’ve no or very little hope.
Anyway, here in Perth, every agency imaginable knows they’re homeless, sleeping in Perth’s outskirt bush. Government Ministers included. The children have not missed a day of school, their grandmother and father get them to school – three suburbs away. Last night, my partner and I spent part of the night with them – in the rain. Government has told them there’s a minimum 5 year wait for State Housing. I’ve organised food parcels for them, clothes in the week ahead, and I’ll find them, as I do, accommodation unless Child Protection screws it all up. Over the years, I’ve found accommodation for many people, but it may take me some time. It says something about Government agencies and politicians, when an ordinary person like me, with limited resources can secure accommodation for those in need but whole Governments and well resourced politicians do jack.
I will take their plight, a plight indicative of an endemic crisis, out through the NIRS news today and through the NIT next Wednesday however in the meantime I beseech anyone who can help with any donation, financial or otherwise, or any contacts for accommodation beating me to it, to please contact me on 0430 657 309 or by email.
I will not identify the location of the family or their surname, housing them first is the priority. In the meantime, Jenny and I will take supplies to them and hopefully they don’t have to endure a very cold winter in Perth’s outskirt bush – in the wealthiest State in the nation.
Some of you are in media, if we can take out their story that would be great too, contact me if so interested.
Much respect, Gerry

Gerry Georgatos
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The Wheelchairs for Kids Foundation

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