How to stop the Riot Squad breaking up Bentley Blockade

The easiest way you can help with a simple 5 min phone call. The NSW Premier is getting a lot of calls asking him to respect community democracy, to call off Operation Stapler, a police plan to break up protests stopping the wonderful Northern Rivers region becoming a gasfield. He needs more, a lot more. This tactic and the political fuss being made in Sydney is making a difference.

If you are have some extra time, the office of the Police Minister is also well worth a call – (02) 9228 5276. You can find contact details for all the key Ministers in the NSW Government, plus some extra information on points to make when you call, here.

​An even better way to stop this police operation is to get there in the next few days. Extra bodies on the ground at the campsite is a very important disincentive for this police action. All the TV stations are camping there this weekend and we want them to film a wonderful community atmosphere rather than a police action. If you are coming from Brisbane, we may be able to give you a lift. Otherwise, visit and follow #BentleyBlockade on Twitter for all the info you need.

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Ben Pennings
Generation Alpha

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