Budget: 6 months wait before dole

Unemployed workers under 30 years of age will have to wait six months before they can apply for the dole.

And then they will be forced to do 25 hours work for each dole cheque.This was first introduced by the Howard government and now it is back with a vengeance.

So new job seekers up to the age of 30 will have to apply for ‘job search and employment services activities’.

joe & mathias
Austerity: Bill Leake’s cartoon about the 2014. Budget Source: The Australian … click to see videos.

But after six months of work for the dole, if the under-30s still do not have a job or a boss that will employ them with a wage subsidy provided by the government, they will go on another six-month ­period without any dole payment.

The waiting period for New­start will reduce depending on past employment. The reduction will be a month for every year of prior work, except for school leavers; otherwise no income support will be provided. Part-time employment would also be recognised on a pro-rata basis. — $1.2bn benefits crackdown puts jobseekers on notice

So you lose your job, then your house and then you are on the streets.

Thanks a lot, Joe. As one worker put it: “Take the shirt off a worker’s back, roll it around some mulled up pension cheques, light up and WHEEEEE!”

Its time for another unemployed workers union … they’ve taken us back to the 1930s when you had to walk to another town to get ‘suso’ relief.

There will be plenty of unemployed soon. The Commissioner of taxation has warned tax office workers that another 2,100 will be gone by October, to add to the 900 already on redundancies. Soon tax agents will be able to claim anything, there will be no one left to check deductions claimed. Of course no one checks the wealthy, not properly. They have carte blanche.

QANTAS is shedding workers … this once great airline is even getting rid of its pilots – some of the best trained in the world. Perhaps Malaysia Airlines will hire some.

Australia is a big quarry but the mine only employs 2% of the workforce so there is little hope of jobs there.

Capitalism is reneging on its contract – they take the resources and in exchange workers get jobs. Well, with work-for-the-dole blind freddy can see which way wages are going. Sure we can get a job, at least some young workers can, but is it enough to pay the rent? And  workers who are below 45 years old now will now have to work till they are 70 before they can get the pension.

Industrial Worker cartoon, 1913

Ian Curr
14 may 2014

Treasurer Joe Hockey and Finance Minister Mathias Cormann pictured smoking cigars ahead of tough budget

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