Budget: 6 months wait before dole

Unemployed workers under 30 years of age will have to wait six months before they can apply for the dole.

And then they will be forced to do 25 hours work for each dole cheque.This was first introduced by the Howard government and now it is back with a vengeance.

So new job seekers up to the age of 30 will have to apply for ‘job search and employment services activities’.… Go to Article

Rivermouth at the Zoo

Governments are cracking down on public dissent, spin-masters are becoming craftier, the mass media has sold out to big business, and Brisbane hip-hop/folk band Rivermouth is celebrating the launch of two unashamedly political tracks with our first ever gig at The Zoo.

The gig’s theme, Propaganda and Puppet-Strings, is about critiquing the agendas and motivations of media organisations of all shapes and sizes, and we’ll be donating a portion of takings to support 4ZZZ’s alternative news media centre.Go to Article