Police allow VLAD Laws against G20 Protesters

Queensland Police have today refused to rule out using VLAD laws against G20 protesters in the event of any incidents. When contacted by Fairfax Media they only started the obvious, that the laws will not be used against “people simply taking part in lawful protests.”Anti-G20 activists are concerned that aggressive police tactics like ‘kettling’ may … Continue reading Police allow VLAD Laws against G20 Protesters

Who’s Policing Manus Island?

By Kristian Lasslett PNG police in 2009. 'They will knock a few heads in, shoot a few pigs.' PNG's mobile squads, involved in the Manus attack, have a fearsome reputation - and Australia is their paymaster, writes Kristian Lasslett Warning: This article contains graphic accounts of violence. Facts on the recent riot at the Manus … Continue reading Who’s Policing Manus Island?