Sri Lanka war report ‘shows rights abuses’

Dear Friends

This report joins a library of human rights concerns about the situation in Sri Lanka.

What makes it so relevant to us is that the Australian Government is complicit in placing lives at risk by deporting Sri Lankan asylum seekers without a proper refugee determination process.
The government can do this because they have an immoral deal with the appalling Rajapaksa regime- we give them boats, surveillance equipment and money and they take back the people who have fled their abuse and Australia asks no questions as to the treatment they get on return.

Look at who and from where these people are being deported- Curtin, Darwin, Christmas Island. They all share isolation, inability to reach legal assistance and a handy hidden air force base or airfield, to deport from away from, well away from the public gaze – you cant see it so you can’t feel it so you don’t care- approach.

They have not dared to hit the urban camps yet but they will. Already reports such as yesterdays where a father and his 14 year old boy were pulled out of their beds in SA and taken to Darwin. Lost for two days until advocates found them. There are incidents of this round up happening around Australia. Perhaps they are just practice by the Compliance Squads for the actions expected in 8 -10 weeks.

Already we know that people sent back, are put in Negombo prison, some are released to face charges and others are not. Some are beaten and others are not. The Australian Government knows that when they send people back to Sri Lanka there are no guarantees that torture and execution will not occur. The people returned are being “refouled” which is the only refugee convention provision enshrined in our domestic laws. Australia is breaching the law morally and legally and they are getting away with it by holding people in isolated camps and denying them access to legal help.
Future generations will hang their heads in shame at the actions of this and the preceding government.

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