PShift Retrospective 2013

History is an angel being blown backwards into the future
He said: History is a pile of debris
And the angel wants to go back and fix things
To repair the things that have been broken
But there is a storm blowing from Paradise
And the storm keeps blowing the angel backwards into the future
And this storm, this storm is called Progress.
“The Dream Before”
Inspired by Walter Benjamin
Lyrics by Laurie Anderson
Performed by Christine Johnson at
Women in Voice at
the Sitting Duck Cafe, Brisbane

This is a fairly random wrap-up of the  not-such-a-great-year  2013 called “PShift Retrospective 2013” (4zzz fm 102.1) noon on friday 27 December 2013.

Intro Song: The Dream Before by Christine Johnson

January – Brisbane Anarchist Summer School

The Brisbane Anarchist Summer School was held on 12th – 13th January, 2013. The following clip was a discussion with organisers of the Brisbane Anarchist Summer School (BASS) about the origins of the summer school and the politics behind it. .. (Listen to Brisbane Anarchist Summer School.mp3)

March International Women’s Day
International Women’s Day was originally International Working Women’s Day. It was started with a socialist purpose but sadly became (in some places) an expression of men’s love for women like Mothers Day and Valentine’s day.

IWD is an opportunity to celebrate women’s economic, social and political achievements as well as raise our voices to keep fighting for full equality. Here is an interview with Eliza about work and child care and IWD…(Interview with eliza about childcare and work.mp3)

April Interview with the world’s greatest treasurer

In April, Peter Costello gave this frank interview about his recommendations that the Queensland Government to ‘sell the lot’ in response to Qld Investment Corporation debt accumulated during the Global Financial Crisis …. (Peter Costello.mp3)

MayThe Strange trial of Bob Carnegie
On 2 April 2013 community organiser, Bob Carnegie, attended the final day of his trial for contempt of an order by federal magistrate Michael Jarrett. The court heard that on 5 September 2012 there was an ‘ex-parte’ (=in the absence of) court order made against Bob Carnegie, binding him not to attend an industrial dispute at the ‘Qld Children’s Hospital (QCH) Project’ in South Brisbane. Here is the strange trial of Bob Carnegie. During the dispute the Qld Government signed a union agreement for the construction of government offices in William and George streets… THE STRANGE TRIAL OF BOB CARNEGIE.mp3

July Kevin Rudd and the federal election
In February Rumours were flying around. Is Kevin Rudd alive or dead? Will Kevin challenge? Would he have a better chance at winning back the crown from Julia if he were in fact dead…? Here is a short interview on 26 july of this year with kevin ruidd on the issue of refugees being sent to Manus Island. This was after he made his come back … interview with kevin rudd about refugees plus article 14 by little secrets.mp3

August Vicious Lawless Associates Dis-establishment(VLAD) Act.
PShift interviewed the attorney general, Jarrod Bleijie, about the rise to power of Vlad’s gang and his attempt to put its leader in jail for 400 years. In introducing the toughest laws in the world, Vlad’s nemesis Bleijie seems to have taken Monty Python’s satire, the Piranha Brothers, to heart.
… vlad interview with jarrod bleijie.mp3

December Mining — ‘Australia is open for business regardless of the environmental damage’ – Clive Palmer
On Friday the Federal Government gave environmental approval to Clive Palmer’s Waratah Coal for a major thermal coal mine in Queensland’s Galilee Basin.
Environment Minister Greg Hunt has been saying loud and clear that Australia is open for business on the mining front regardless of the destruction caused. For example the Abbot Point terminal expansion, which will involve 3 million cubic metres of dredging.
As with all these projects there are a few jobs during the construction phase but then the machines take over and there is little economic benefit to the region being mined.
Listen to interview Andy had in November with Brad and Claire from ‘Friends of the Earth’ FOE’s six degrees…. (Andy speaks with Brad and Claire from foe’s six degrees – see clive palmer.mp3)

Edward Snowden‘s alternative christmas message about privacy

Song: Killer Black Coal Mines by Bob Campbell

Ian Curr
27 December 2013

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