indigenous social justice association wins international prize

this media report by barry parker of afp is the only known media interest shown by the mainstream australian media to the wonderful good news that isja has been included as one of 5 laureates chosen for the 2013 french human rights awards for this year. this afp report was, i believe, commissioned by the french counsel general here in sydney to be sent to france for the awards on 12 december, paris time.

the silence from the mainstream australian media is unbelievable! after immersing itself in human rights works since 1997, isja is recognised by a french government body, and a most distinguished and well respected body at that, and with the exceptions of the national indigenous times, nitv, nirs and sbs, the rest of the media cannot even raise a yawn on the honour bestowed upon isja. and one needs to ask why? or is it that the yawners prefer only bad news stories for their readers pleasure. methinks a ‘d’ notice or some such is on an active alert. but i have been critical of the media bias and discrimination previously.

barry’s article does isja a great justice and we thank him muchly for it.

this could be the final post until further notice due to laser surgery on my left eye tomorrow and an operation on the right eye in the near future. recently posting has been difficult as is this post so until isja’s return i think it most fitting to say adieu and may the spirit of resistance to bad government laws remain with you.


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we live and work on the stolen lands of the gadigal people.

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