Forced to live in limbo


Dear Pamela,

Tony Abbott’s government has reintroduced Howard-era cruelty and we need to work together to bring it to an end.

Temporary Protection Visas are senselessly harsh. They leave genuine refugees living in limbo and, by cancelling family reunions, force more women and children onto boats.

This December, the Australian Greens will move in the Senate to scrap the reintroduction of TPVs.

Will you help by urging Labor MPs to vote to disallow Temporary Protection Visas? I will move to end these cruel visas, but we need a majority of Senators to agree.

Sign our petition by December 2nd to make sure your voice is heard.

There are places where, every day, mothers and fathers live in fear for the safety of their children. TPVs leave the threat of return to their dangerous homelands dangling above those families’ heads and they have to be scrapped.

Sign the petition to urge Labor MPs to stand with the Greens in saying no to cruelty and TPVs.

Australia is a generous nation and the Parliament should do its best to reflect that at every opportunity.

Yours in hope,

Sarah Hanson-Young

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