Mother Agnes of Syria speaks on BBC

Just spoke to person organising Mother Agnes visit to England.
She hope to drop in on the CW Retreat that will be lead by
long time CW Carmen Trotta on Monday for an hour

VID Carrmen Trotta speaking outside the White House for Shaker Aamer in Guantanamo

Mother Agnes will be interviewed on BBC 4 Radio
Thursday 21 nov 2013 morning 7.50 a.m.

Ciaron’s statement of invitation to Mother Agnes following her “no platforming” by Stop the War

COUNTERPUNCH – Mother Agnes & the Story of Syria
by Mariead Maguire, Nobel Peace Prize winner

Australian Fr. Fightin Dave Smith interviews Mariead Maguire in Syria 2013

Ciaron O’Reilly

“The poor tell us who we are,
The prophets tell us who we could be,
So we hide the poor,
And kill the prophets.”
Phil Berrigan

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