Keep Calm and Enjoy Retirement

It’s a bit like putting Scott Driscoll forward as integrity commissioner, or making Nathan Rees your families spokesperson, or giving Eddie Obeid the job as treasurer. The next thing you know we’ll be appointing some boof-headed young whippersnapper who doesn’t understand the constitution as Attorney-General. What’s that? We’ve already done it? Shit this place is in a mess.

— Archie Buttefly

A DAY after begging parliament for his livelihood, disgraced MP Scott Driscoll has used social media to poke fun at his predicament.

The former MP for Redcliffe, who escaped becoming the first Queensland MP to be kicked out of parliament for dodgy dealings, changed his Twitter profile photo and background in a final kick to the ethics committee who demanded his head.

Mr Driscoll’s account now cites “Keep Calm and Enjoy Retirement” as his main picture with a photo of a man relaxing on the beach a with a drink in hand.

There is little other movement on his account, with no description.

Mr Driscoll has not used the social media site since November 12.

Facing expulsion and a $90,000 fine, Mr Driscoll yesterday cried poor to parliamentary colleagues, asking them to reconsider the ethics committee recommendation.

He said his family was now without any income and he had a child and wife to support.

But Ethics Committee chair Michael Crandon this morning accused former MP Scott Driscoll of undergoing a “process of cover-up” since entering parliament.

“He clearly knew the rules,” Mr Crandon told the ABC.

Mr Crandon said the Crime and Misconduct Commission and police were still investigating matters which could be referred to the Director of Public Prosecutions for consideration. Read More …

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