Vlad laws – know your friends, know your enemies

PShift (4ZZZ fm 102.1 Noon on Fridays) interviewed the attorney general, Jarrod Bleijie, about the rise to power of  Vlad’s gang and his attempt to put its leader in jail for 400 years. In introducing the toughest laws in the world, Vlad’s nemesis Bleijie seems to have taken Monty Python’s satire, the Piranha Brothers, to heart.

Interview with Attorney-General, Jarrod Bleijie.

PShift: What do you say to the Vlad legislation  being a smoke screen for the workers compensation and draconian Industrial Relations changes?

Bleijie: Unions in this state are out of control, they are no better than organised criminals.

PShift: Can the riot laws in this legislation be used against other groups?

Bleijie: You’re right they can. Riot is a declared offence under Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment Act 2013 (VLAD for short).

PShift: Lex Wotton was done for riot on Palm Island and subsequently muzzled from speaking to the media by Parole laws. Do you agree with that?

Bleijie: Of course. Lex Wotton was convicted of riot, he forfeited all his rights to speak to the media when he did that. Human Rights are a privilege not to be enjoyed by violent offenders.

PShift: Does the Vlad legislation make it easier to jail organised blackfellas?

Bleijie: If they break the law. That mob at Musgrave Park had better watch out. Especially at G20.

PShift: You mean the Brisbane Aboriginal Sovereign Tent Embassy?

Bleijie: Yes, and any of their associates involved in crime.

PShift: Hmm … (mumbles) you’ve got to be a one-term wonder.

Bleijie: What did you say!?

Anonymous support rally, International Nov 5 2013. Photo by Max

Anonymous support rally, International Nov 5 2013. Photo by Max

PShift: I said you’ve just got to wonder … you know  won’t the Vlad’s mob just go underground and wait out the media storm?

Bleijie: There is nowhere to hide for vicious, lawless, associates of Vlad.

PShift: Whose idea was it to name the act after ‘Vlad the Impaler‘ of Transylvannia?

Bleijie: That’s just how it turned out.

PShift: Are you sure? Wasn’t Vlad a devout Christian?

Bleijie: Keep religion out of it, the law is to protect innocent citizens from lawless Vlad’s mob.

PShift: By using laws invoke the  practice of impaling your enemies? By telling the world Queensland is prepared to institute excessive cruelty through mandatory jailing Vlad’s gang? How many have the laws jailed so far?

Bleijie: Three

PShift: Is it possible that by passing the Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment Act 2013 that Vlad’s mob will emerge tougher and armed, sort of modern day Piranha Brothers.?

Bleijie: I don’t know the Piranha Brothers but i do not think so.

PShift: If I were a cop dealing with Vlad’s people, I would be worried by this turn of events.

Bleijie: Police have no reason to fear.

PShift: Do you have any ‘vicious, lawless, associates’ as friends?

Ryan Haddrick: I think we should leave it there, minister?

PShift:  That was the Attorney General’s chief-of-staff, Ryan Haddrick, he gets $2,000 a day for serving on the commission of inquiry into child protection. An inquiry the Attorney General himself set up. I think we should leave it there, listeners. It seems police are immune from Vlad the Impaler. I suppose the lesson is to know who are your friends and to know who are your enemies.

PShift wishes to thank the news crew at Brisbane Line 4ZZZ (fm 102.1) for the following stories.

An in-depth look at this week’s busy parliament

Brisbane Line

Early Wednesday morning the Queensland Parliament passed three pieces of legislation aimed to crush bikie gangs and their associates.

We decided to take a good look at these new laws and report what we could find.

Featured in story: Head of the Queensland Law and Justice Institute Peter Callaghan, President of the Queensland Law Society Annette Bradfield, QUT criminologist Mark Lauchs and President of the Crime Victim’s Support Association Joel McNamara.

Story by Steven Riggall, Natasha Dean-Jones and Andrew Messenger.

  • Bleijie a “disgrace” as AG: O’Gorman… O’Gorman has criticised Queensland Attorney General Jarrod Bleijie over the drafting of the state’s new anti-bikie laws, saying as the … disgrace”. Mr O’Gorman said Mr Bleijie’s admission the laws will likely be challenged highlights his …

    Qld Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie seeks to drop parole orders and suspended sentences… Queensland Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie is looking to drop court-ordered parole and suspended jail sentences in … tougher approach to crime. Mr Bleijie said parole orders are ineffective, with about 300 offenders returning …

    Online register of sex offenders… Queensland Attorney-General, Jarrod Bleijie, said they are not ruling out an online register of sex offenders but … been legislating the two-strike sex offender laws. Mr Bleijie said there is a concern that publishing details of sex offenders would …

One response to “Vlad laws – know your friends, know your enemies

  1. 'the masked one'

    Newmans “Vicious Lawless Associates Dis-establishment (VLAD) Act” is just another stab at taking that little bit more of our rights as humans away.

    The freedom of association and our ability to formulate groups of any kind stolen from us, yet again under the guise of making Australia a better place for us all.

    No where on these new laws does it state the word or group “bikie” yet its this word repeated by our poisonous mass media time and time again promoting the needed fear in order for us to hand over this important freedom without fight nor fuss.

    Anyone that has the slightest understanding of this capital system and the immediate and future turmoils its in, will further understand why these needed laws are being brought in now in order to keep this sinking ship afloat, just that little bit longer.

    The harder it gets financially for us all, the more we will group and protest against the common mans needs being slashed further and further to make way for big business to continue as long as possible unaffected.

    Like the ones before it, this is a corporate government, working a corporate system and our rights to freedom of speech and association are and will be more so in the near future, a detriment to it goals.

    Nothing happens in isolation and one only has to look at the rising working class of most other western countries and the struggles being fought on the streets these last two years, and know the fight will be here with us soon.

    This is preparation for those coming times and we will see then what these laws are and how they will affect our ability to fight back.

    – ‘the masked one’


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