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Refugee 36 returnees from Australia remanded in Negombo Remand Prison

OPEN AUSTRALIANS EYES- tell them what happens when we send Tamil people back into the arms of the Sri Lankan government. Australia has done a dirty deal with the Sri lankan Government which allows Australia to turn people around without … Continue reading


MORRISON: Refugee Liar Liar pants on Fire

NOT TRUE He (MORRISON) also said that the centre was continuing to operate normally and all staff continued to ‘‘remain onsite performing their assigned duties’’. ALL STAFF ran away to the Naval Ship- IHMS health contractors, Salvation Army cultural advisers … Continue reading


Reading Iris Murdoch novel

This is to announce the next novel to be read by the group that has just finished reading Alessandro Manzoni’s The Betrothed. We are going to read a novel by Iris Murdoch. This is her novel, first published in 1983 … Continue reading