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Protest in Support of Freedom Flotilla
11am – 1 pm
Monday 2  September 2013
150 Charlotte Street, Brisbane City

As you would (may) be aware, the Freedom Flotilla to West Papua has left Cairns and is moving towards West Papua. Sadly, this courageous venture is not receiving much attention from the main stream Australian media.

However, Australian Foreign Minister, Bob Carr, let his attitude be known when he was asked about the flotilla. His comment went something like this: ‘the Australian Government is being respectful of Indonesia’s territorial integrity’. This line is very familiar to those of us who have followed the disgraceful policies of successive Australian governments during the illegal Indonesian military (TNI) occupation of East Timor. These Indonesian apologists never talked about the territorial integrity of East Timor or of West Papua and they try to tell us that Indonesia is now a democracy!

In addition, they always tried to underscore the gravity of the genocide and gross human rights abuses that were being committed by the TNI there as they continued to provide military aid to and cooperate with this terrorist organisation.

AETFA sent a message of solidarity to the Flotilla a short time ago and, as a result, I have had the opportunity to talk and share information with Reuben Blake who is doing the media work for the venture.

Below is an email from Reuben which contains a number of websites about the Flotilla. Please spread this news around to family, friends and fellow activists and urge them to raise this matter with candidates in the forthcoming election. Now is the time to tell politicians that Australians want political leaders that genuinely care about human rights and don’t cop out the way so many have done in relation to West Papua, East Timor and Indonesia.

Also below, is a notice about a meeting that the Flotilla organised in Melbourne. One of the speakers was Shirley Shackleton, a well-known Timor solidarity activist (and widow of Greg Shackleton, one of the Balibo 5 media workers murdered by the TNI in Balibo, East Timor, October 1975).

Shirley was also a passenger on the Missao Paz em Timor in March 1992.

At the 2013 elections, vote 1 for human rights and encourage, family members, friends and fellow workers to do the same.

In solidarity
Andrew (Andy) Alcock

Information Officer: Australia East Timor Friendship Association (SA) Inc
Member: Australia West Papua Association SA
Phone: 08 83710480
0457 827 014
Email: andyalcock

Solidarity with Peace Mission to Timor

In response to a message of solidarity from Peace Mission to Timor crew member Andy Alcock

The crew of the Freedom Flotilla to West Papua, a journey by sea to Indonesian – occupied West Papua, send a message of respect to those who have inspired us by leading the way in creative acts of resistance on the oceans.

Please share to your networks and continue building awareness of human rights abuses as the crew sails towards the border of West Papua.

In Solidarity,
The Freedom Flotilla to West Papua
twitter: @flotilla2wp

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  1. Protest at Department of Foreign Affairs says:

    [When] Monday, September 2, 2013
    [Time] 11:00am


    “A call to truth and not an international crime’

    We invite you all to a SOLIDARITY GATHERING for the 20 freedom fighters on the 'Freedom Flotilla' that have begun a revolutionary journey from Lake Eyre (in South Australia), Nimbin, Cairns, Cooktown and now heading to Merauke (West Papua) over sea.

    Join us to stand for the safety of this Flotilla, as they approach Indonesian waters. As Indonesian government's decision is to set its Airforce and its Navy against these twenty Australian peace-builders on two small yachts.

    We call to stand together against Foreign Affairs Minister Car's propaganda that supporting West Papuan's right to self-determination (peace, security, and justice) is a‘cruel hoax'. In addition, the Liberal Party's Foreign Minister's endorsement of militarism (‘Indonesia has a right to deploy its military or whatever means it wishes against the flotilla’.)

    We invite those delighted with Aboriginal and Papuan leaders on the Flotilla re-establishing relations between peoples separated by rising seas 6,000 years ago and more recently by colonial politics .

    Kevin Buzzacott, whose Arabunna Nation owns Kati Thanda (Lake Eyre), said the cultural visit by one indigenous peoples to another has angered Indonesian and Australian governments.

    Together We Rise Up on the 2nd September at Brisbane's DFAT, We share our voice in our discontent about the Australian Labor Party's support of Indonesia's Special Autonomy in West Papua, which violates indigenous human, civil, and political rights.
    A PRE-ACTION MEETING MONDAY MORNING @ SANTOS Mullumbimby 8:00AM to go to Brisbane.
    Enquires: CALL Bee 0421844715

    More information:
    Freedom Flotilla warned against entering West Papua SBS World News 17 August 2013; Indonesia threatens military action against protest flotilla Sydney Morning Herald 19 August 2013; Aust and Indonesia hail bilateral ties The Australian 3 April 2013; UN Human Rights Council 2012 Review (Indonesia)

  2. Freedom Flotilla at the sacred fire in Musgrave Park says:


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