Brisbane peace action update

Hi folks,

We will still be doing our weekly rally/vigil in King Georges Square this  Thursday (18 July 2013) at 4-5:30 pm. If you have been thinking of coming along, now would  be a great time to step in while other folks are up north (see below).  Family commitments are also keeping me away again this week, but I can  provide some signs if anyone wants to pick them up from me in Cannon Hill  tomorrow.

Bradley Manning’s show trial is now entering its final phases, with doubts  cast on the prosecution’s ability to prove the ludicrous charge of “aiding  the enemy”. For regular updates on all things to do with Bradley Manning,  WikiLeaks, Assange and Snowden, I suggest bookmarking this great site:


A bunch of Brisbane activists are up in Rockhampton this week protesting  the $50m+ Talisman Sabre “war games” with our US overlords. If you saw US  Iraq War vet Vince Emmanuele in Brisbane last Friday (and even if you  didn’t) here he is on the streets of Rocky yesterday, appealing for peace  to the ADF and US soldiers:

Here’s Peace Bus activist Graeme Dunstan in the Rocky newspaper:

And here is a MUST WATCH video of the “crime” that he was charged with:  helping Brian Law disable an attack helicopter with a garden mattock:

Finally, PM Kevin Rudd is holding a “Community Cabinet” in Rocky tonight  so keep an eye out for some familiar faces if our TV news cover the  protestors as well!

Best wishes to all,

Gary Lord


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