DOCS drug and Label Colleen’s normal stolen grandson with autism.

my apologies for the lateness of this statement but i became tied up in other areas.

isja has been approached by the fuller/apps family to seek assistance in the return of their grandson and son from the clutches of docs. there are many thousands of australians, both aboriginal and non-aboriginal, who have been severely wounded and traumatised by docs, a seemingly all-powerful government department that is answerable to no-one. not even their minister. even judicial decisions are ignored or overturned in their insatiable ‘god-given right’ to arbitrate on what they consider is the ‘ideal’ family. no family ever reaches such lofty heights but docs rule-book pontificates what is right and what is wrong. as does the catholic church and other such groups.

should a child be in such circumstance that creates the real and absolute danger of physical, mental or sexual abuse then that child or children do need to be protected. and the family involved must be counselled and assisted. prior to taking the child(ren) away if that is possible. or after if it is not.

having accepted the above i do consider all children living with families in poverty, whether self-induced by drugs or alcohol, gambling or some other vice, are quite safe with their parents and should not be taken away. it is well known, and accepted, that children are far better off with at least one of their parents than without any. families in poverty, stress and addictions will never meet the warped and upper middle-class standards of the ‘white-picket fence’ brigade.the rich employ others to mind their children whilst they, too, follow their addictive habits.

time for a disclaimer. the first is that i am one of the tens of thousands of those designated as the stolen generations so it can quite easily be said that i am biased and perhaps i am but i believe that i am objective enough to be able to make considered considerations on the matter of docs and not filter it through a fact from some 69 years ago. the second is that in previous years my wife had custody of one of our grand-daughters whilst i had care of another for 4 years. we took them so docs wouldn’t! both grand-daughters were given back to their respective mothers and in one case, father. at the age of 8 my grand-daughter wanted to be with here parents so i returned her to her family situation. she starts uni on monday.

i shudder to think where both would have ended had docs got their claws into them. my family was determined to keep the wolf from the door so to speak but too many families are not given that chance and lose their loved ones to a system that is uncontrollable. recent reports have highlighted the increasing number of aboriginal and torres strait islander children being taken by docs. but also non-aboriginal children are also being taken in ever increasing numbers.

it is not as though docs even has a reasonable record with the children that are taken. they are damaged in so many ways, even unto death. report after report, both private and government, continue to show the tragedy to the young people controlled by docs and their minions. much greater care must be given to reasons why the children are being taken.

isja is currently in discussion with another aboriginal family and a non-aboriginal family with dreadful horror stories of docs becoming involved with their family issues. these three cases will be worked up into a public forum, along with another anti-docs group, in the coming months. our resources are indeed limited but our commitment to social justice is not and never will be.

march is already a busy month with 4 rallies coming up.

4 march fuller/apps families 9am federal court queens square

6 march national anti-police brutality day rally 12.30pm police integrity commission 111 elizabeth st. city.

14 march support bowraville 3 group 10.30am outside plt. house macquarie st. city.

21 march support stics anti-intervention/deaths in custody rally 12.30pm outside tanya plibersek’s office broadway.

please attend all rallies that you are able to and please pass information to your lists. endorsements most welcome for all 4 rallies.


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indigenous social justice association

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we live and work on the stolen lands of the gadigal people.

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Subject: DOCS Disable Colleen’s Non autistic stolen Grandson

DOCS Drug and Label Colleen’s normal stolen generation grandson with autism


DOCS Gosford, Catherine Thraves and Co., have enrolled Colleen’s stolen grandson, who does not have autism, into Aspect Central Coast – a private non- government school for children with autism at Terrigal. Late afternoon on Friday 15, 2013 Thraves leaked this to the Fuller/Apps family after Colleen’s Grandson had been attending this state run institution for a number of weeks without the knowledge of the family or the courts. No medical assessment of Colleen’s Grandson had been made despite the Courts repeatedly ordering independent assessments of Colleen’s grandson.

The Fuller/Apps family have been fighting for the return of Colleen’s Grandson who was stolen by DOCS since 15 February 2008. In 2008 the mother won the return of Colleen’s Grandson to the Fuller/Apps family with immediate restoration. Yet in 2009 in the District Court DOCS overturned the Local court ruling and stole Colleen’s grandson again. Then Gosford DOCS placed Colleen’s grandson in a Foster home, with eight other children who have alleged autism or some other alleged disability. Colleen’s grandson along with the other foster children not only suffers abuse and neglect but is given Catapress (an adult mind altering drug) on a daily basis. This drug causes Colleen’s grandson to mimic the behaviour of the other allegedly disabled children resulting in DOCS labelling a non autistic boy as autistic. According to the Australian Legislative Commission DOCS are profiting from deeming non-disabled stolen children to be disabled. DOCS foster carers get $500 more a fortnight per disabled child compared to the money received for non-disabled children. The money is never used for the care of the children.

Colleen stated, “There is nothing wrong with my grandson except the fact he needs to return to his people he belongs with. I am in disbelief that DOCS would go to great lengths to continue to discredit, lie and bury this injustice they are doing to my Grandson. DOCS did this to my grandmother from one generation to the next to my grandson. I am scared that if my grandson is not immediately returned to his family he will wind up as another death in custody. The Fuller/Apps family calls for a protest for an immediate inquiry into the actions of DOCS.”

Ray Jackson, President of ISJA stated, “The Iindigenous Social Justice Association is in full support of the Fuller/Apps Families in having their grandson and son returned to them by DOCS who appear to be on a social and racist campaign to remove as many children from their Families as possible. This is a history from which DOCS have learnt nothing,” he said. “Tens of thousands of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children were removed from their Families, as an official act of genocide from 1890 until 1972 when the Whitlam Federal Government stopped the criminal practice. I was one of those many thousands. DOCS must never ever be allowed to become the sole arbiter of what Families must aspire to in their white-picket-fence world,” he continued.

Gosford DOCS have a history of releasing the location details of Colleen’s grandson. Gosford DOCS do this with the hope of arresting the Fuller/Apps family with kidnapping their own Grandson if they happen to turn up to the location Colleen’s grandson is at.

The mother immediately contacted the school in order to inform them they had received a non autistic stolen child without the knowledge of the courts of the family with no medical independent assessment who was currently enrolled and attending the school. The mother wanted to also know what difficulties her son would face. The school’s response was not to have Colleen’s Grandson’s eligibility independently assessed by a medical expert or to withdraw the enrolment. The schools response was to decline to acknowledge Colleen’s Grandson was attending the school and to send two pamphlets.

According to Aspect Australia school’s website, “Eligibility for enrolment in an Aspect school requires a diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder by a paediatrician, clinical psychologist or psychiatrist and a recent cognitive assessment by a psychologist. When a school place becomes available in the school, the decision about how to fill the vacancy is made based on the suitability of placement and relative need of the student.” According to the pamphlet criteria any child who is either shy or who has behaviour issues can be labelled as autistic.

Raul Bassi from Socialist Alliance and ISJA stated, ” DOCS are not working for the people. DOCS are working for the Government and the profiteers. DOCS have a history of seperating children without any evidence and without the consent of the families. It is an absolute injustice that DOCS, the judicial system and the Government profit from the theft, prejudice, geonocide, abuse, neglect of both children and families. Meanwhile loving families and their children are held prisoners from each other, are treated like criminals, forced to live in third world poverty while tied up for years on end in the court system fighting to return to each other. The only way to stop this injustice is if DOCS is run by the Community and not the Government or the profiteers. We need to organise and build a mass united movement to win this.”

Come and join Colleen’s rally on 4th March 2013 9am outside Supreme Court to win justice for Colleen’s Grandson and all other stolen generation by DOCS.

Contact Colleen 0402 013 767 or Shelly 0459 771 520

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