Stradbroke island sand still being sold unlawfully

Stradbroke island sand still being sold unlawfully –

The Supreme Court in 2010 ruled that the company could not sell silica sand under its mining leases for purposes such as mortar and render. The riverside website advertises north Stradbroke silica sand, which can only come from Sibelco, for sale for these purposes. Sibelco does not have local government approval – which the Court of appeal said was necessary.

When is Justice not Justice?                                

North Stradbroke Island Sandmining company Unimin/Sibelco is on trial now for unlawfully taking and selling sand from North Stradbroke Island.

The sandmining company is still being charged with committing simple non indictable offences, even though they unlawfully took and sold sand for over thirty years, estimated to be worth no less then eighty million dollars.

On Wednesday 27th February a delegation of Aboriginal land owners including representatives from the Elders of North Stradbroke Island, will be attending the trial. Our attendance is our expression of disappointment, dissatisfaction and disgust with the Queensland Justice System. There have been a number of written requests made to the Attorney General asking for his intervention in the case, by directing the Department of Public Prosecutions to take over the prosecution and so he can charge the mining company with committing serious indictable offences. The Attorney General has been forwarded a copy of a joint legal senior counsel opinion relating to the evidence which concluded that there is a prima facia case of stealing and of misappropriation/fraud having been committed by Unimin, the fact of the evidence and the legal senior counsels opinion has been totally ignored and disregarded in this trial and by the Attorney General.

We request the immediate intervention of the Attorney General and that all relevant evidence be obtained/ subpoenaed and that the Attorney General direct the DPP to examine the evidence and if he agrees with the senior counsels’ opinion, then to charge the company with committing serious indictable offences.

The same way that you or me would undoubtedly be charged if we had committed an offence equivalent to that of the mining company.

If the Attorney General continues to neglect his responsibilities we request Federal intervention to facilitate a full blown independent Inquiry into unlawful sand mining activities on North Stradbroke Island, and the role/involvement of the state government.

We want Fair and Equal Justice.

Dale Ruska

Original First Nations Owner


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