Another Bahraini youth dies from tear gas canister head injury

Yesterday, Mahmoud Al Jaziri, 20 year old Bahraini youth was pronounced dead after being hospitalized since February 14 when he was shot in the head with a tear gas canister at close range by Government security forces.

To see the incident, visit this youtube video link:

February 14 marked the second anniversary of Bahrain’s pro-democracy protests and on this day, Mahmoud’s 16 year-old cousin, Hussain Al Jaziri, was also killed by security forces, shot at close range by a shooting gun.

Since 2011, over 130 pro-democracy supporters have been killed by security forces and all funeral processions have been attacked. Until now, the Government of Bahrain is refusing to give Mahmoud’s body back to his family so they can bury him”, said Abdulelah Al Hubaishi, a Bahraini refugee now in Australia.

There have been hundreds of injuries in the last week and some protesters are in critical conditions. Yesterday two protesters were shot with live ammunition and their lives are in danger”

The Bahraini government announced a national dialogue with the opposition movement in early February, however, this has been widely criticized and labeled hypocritical as they continue the violent crackdown on peaceful protesters.

“If the government is interested in dialogue then it needs to allow Bahraini civilians freedom of speech and political protest. It must heed the demands of the majority who are calling for an end to the repression, the release of all political prisoners, accountability and the democratic election of a new prime minister”

The Bahraini Australian Youth Movement is currently working with Greens leader Christine Milne and Federal MP Laurie Ferguson to present motions to Federal Parliament condemning the ongoing human rights violations in Bahrain.

Media contact: Abdul elah al Hubaishi 0452 211 581


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  1. Bahraini government refuses to hand over body of dead protester to family says:

    It has been over one week since 20 year-old Bahraini youth, Mahmoud Al Jaziri, was pronounced dead after being shot by Government security forces and his family is still asking for his body to be handed over.

    The Ministry of Interior has refused to allow Mahmoud’s family to bury their son in their hometown, Aldaih, which is close to the famous pro-democracy icon the pearl roundabout.

    “The Bahraini government killed Mahmoud and his cousin Hussain Aljaziri but that is not enough for them”, said Abdulelah Al Hubaishi, a Bahraini refugee now in Australia and spokesperson for the Bahraini Australian Youth Movement.

    “Not only will they not hand over Mahmoud’s body, they are trying to fabricate his cause of death with a misleading medical report. The rising death toll at the hands of this regime begs the international community to act”, he continued.

    Over 130 people have been killed since the pro-democracy uprisings began in Bahrain in 2011. Since then, all funeral processions have been attacked by Government security forces and collective punishment is daily practice against civilians.

    “March 14 will mark two years since Saudi Arabian and United Arab Emeriti troops stormed into Bahrain to extend the violent crackdown of the Al Khalifa regime. The ruling families in the Gulf are terrified of the Arab Spring but we will keep fighting until we have democracy”, concluded al Hubaishi.

    On March 14, the Bahraini Australian Youth Movement will rally outside the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Canberra at 11am as part of an international day of protest against the ongoing violent repression.

    Media contact: Abdul elah al Hubaishi 0452 211 581

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