Chris Evans – a civilising force – going

Senator Chris Evans gave Australia a glimpse of a more decent refugee policy.

In his short time in the Immigration portfolio, he brought the Rohingyan and Tamil refugees off Nauru and closed the camp.

He stopped the appalling system of forcing people to pay for their detention which saw detainees released with debts of up to $350,000 for their incarceration.

He called an end to Temporary Protection Visas which denied refugees the right of family reunion and left them in limbo for years.

He began the restoration of human rights and decency in refugee policy in Australia.

However he was stopped in his tracks by the brutes in the Labor Party and the Opposition who demanded that punitive deterrence underpin Australia’s response to the few people knocking on our doors.

And he left the portfolio- no doubt unwilling to be a party to the persecution of asylum seekers which is currently underway.

Now he leaves the government. Thankyou for trying Senator Evans. Sadly the barbarians are within the gates.

Pamela Curr
Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

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