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Rain of humour among dark clouds

4.0 out of 5 stars 

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This review is from: Dark Clouds (Kindle Edition)
This is the second I have read in the series with reluctant spy Rudi Flynn at its centre.
Like Weimar Blues, Dark Clouds easily stands alone as Flynn is once more conscripted into the secret service of Britain, and, for good measure, the United States, this time round.
This novel has the 30-something American-born and raised, English resident, Flynn, still pursuing his alcohol and drug fuelled journalistic career. We discover some of the reasons why he is pretty much washed up professionally by the time of Weimar Blues.
The trademark comedy is still here, especially in the amusing thoughts the somewhat aimless Flynn is reluctant to express in words.
At its core, the novel is as dark as the title, cover graphic, and plot suggest. Flynn is enlisted to help his president and her majesty when rumours surface that Islamic terrorists are plotting to explode a nuclear device in Britain. 
There are some quite harrowing scenes in which Flynn is present but either powerless or unwilling to intervene.
The person-in-the-street commentary throughout the book works well though the anti-multiculturalism rhetoric outweighs more liberal voices. It is obvious the views of send-`em-back to-where-they-belong are not those of the author but included to show a common sentiment in most western countries.
The powerful message I took from this book is that authorities from Islamic and Christian nations do evil things while flawed but good people look on.
If you have an interest in world affairs, a liking for bleak humour, and a reasonably strong stomach for violence, this book is for you.

For our musical accompaniment, let’s hear from some clouds which were not dark at all.


Urgent alert – unaccompanied children about to be sent offshore

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Start your own anthology for your community of writers

Available HERE
AUSTRALIAN author Frank Hardy was lampooned as a bit of hick when he said he thought there was no such thing as international literature, just a series of national literature.
He might have gone further and got himself into worse trouble by saying there was only a series of local literature.
Why not organize your own local writers’ anthology?

This is how we have done it for the past three years .

    1. We had a volunteer editorial committee of 5-6 people. Two to three editors read each submitted story, first from a print copy, then from email versions as changes were made.
2 2.   We promoted the upcoming anthology through local libraries and writers groups.
Available HERE
3  3. We had an illustrations editor who approached local artists (This was a lot of work and is not necessary for your anthology, but it certainly adds value.)
4 4.    Our local arts umbrella group Arts Alliance PineRivers became co-publisher.
5 5.  We had a business sponsor to keep costs down.
6 6.    We printed through a local short-run book specialist. You could use Create Space or Lightning Source.
7 7.    We asked authors to pre-order copies so organisers did not have to dip into their own pockets and hope for re-imbursement. This year we are calling for payment with initial submissions for one copy and a small charge for membership of our group. Later we will call for pre-orders of more copies.
8 Available HERE
8  8.We organised a launch and presentation of books at a local library.
Email me bentbananabooks@gmail.comwith any questions.
I can also send you a sample copy of out call for submissions, 
though we ourselves are only seeking entries from our local area.
Here is our celebratory song