16 year old boy killed by security forces in Bahrain as crackdown intensifies

10:30PM EST: The Bahrain Australia Youth Movement has received reports that a 16 year old boy, Ali Abbas Rabhi, has been killed by Bahraini security forces on the Al’Baridye highway in West Manama, Bahrain’s capital city.

Ali Abbas Rabhi was run over and killed by a police car. Within a few seconds the security forces came to Ali’s family home and attacked his relatives with tear gas. All social media in Bahrain is publishing this tragic news”, said Abdul Elah al’Hubaishi, a 34 year old civil engineer and father of two who was granted asylum in Australia last year.

Since February 14 2011, the Al Khalifa regime has waged an intensifying crackdown on the pro-democracy movement and the Shia Indigenous population of Bahrain. Only two days ago the regime revoked the nationality of 31 Bahraini activists alarming the international community.

Silence from the international community has allowed the Bahraini government to escalate its violence. Human lives have become irrelevant in Bahrain. Until now over 125 people have been killed and no security forces have been charged despite clear evidence they were responsible. There is no accountability”, al’Hubaishi continued.

Political and economic pressure on Bahrain is imperative. The US and UK could stop this blood shed with a phone call if they had the political will

The unwavering resistance of the Bahraini people infuriates the regime, drunk on violence. They fire people from their jobs, put villages under siege, they strip people of their nationality but all this only causes the people of Bahrain to be more determined”, al’Hubaishi concluded.




Good timeline of events in Bahrain at http://www.labourstart.org/cgi-bin/show_news.pl?country=Bahrain&langcode=en

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