SPECIAL INVITATION from WILPF – ‘”The Rising Tide of Climate Change”‘

Hello All,
The Qld Branch of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom are pleased to announce that our special guest at our Sunday November 11 Meeting will be Dr Alice Aruhe’eta Pollard from the Solomon Islands.

Where: Community Room , Brisbane Square Library, 266 George Street, Brisbane
When: 11am – 12.15pm , Sunday 11 November

Dr Alice is among the Solomon Islands most prominent women leaders. . She founded in 1999, and is currently leading a rural based women’s association named West AreAre Rokotanikeni Association, an advocacy group that promotes women in leadership, women’s economic strengths and livelihoods.

As a researcher on various social issues and leadership in Solomon Islands, Dr Pollard has a deep understanding of the impact of gender, development and culture on agriculture and food security, leadership, community development and gender.

She was a key figure in the Women for Peace movement at the height of the Solomons’ civil conflict, a member of various boards and committees, Coordinator of Women in Government Strategic Programme (2008 -2010), Chairperson of the Solomon Islands College of Higher Education Council (2009 -2011), currently chairs the University of the South Pacific, Solomon Islands Campus Advisory Committee, also chairs the Solomon Islands Democratic Party and Director of Leadership development program. Dr Pollard is one of only three Solomon Islands women with a PhD.

Dr Alice is the winner of a World of Difference 100 Award from The International Alliance for Women (TIAW).
The World of Difference 100 Award recognises “amazing individuals whose efforts have advanced the economic empowerment of women locally, regionally or worldwide whether they are well known or ‘unsung heroines’.

Dr Alice is passing through Brisbane on her way to Melbourne to be the keynote speaker at a forum entitled “The Rising Tide of Climate Change” ,visiting Australia as a guest of Just Sustainability Australia.

You are invited to come along and hear Dr Alice speak about her work.

Where: Community Room , Brisbane Square Library, 266 George Street, Brisbane
When: 11am – 12.15pm , Sunday 11 November

If you would like to join us for Morning Tea at 10.30am, following the WILPF Monthly Meeting you would be most welcome.
Your RSVP would be much appreciated.

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Norma Forrest … for WILPF Qld … ph 3207 7929 … 0407 768 873

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