NAURU – PHOTOS and Story

A Weekend Of Protest On Nauru

By Adam Brereton

Asylum seekers detained on Nauru mounted hunger strikes and protests over the weekend. Even though communications are restricted, reports of dreadful conditions are emerging from the facility, writes Adam Brereton


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  1. Lunchtime protest in solidarity with Nauru detainees says:

    When: 12 noon, Friday 9th November.
    Where: Outside DIAC (Dept of Immigration), 299 Adelaide St, (between Creek & Wharf Sts), Brisbane.

    There is a mass hunger strike at Nauru. It’s been going on for over a week. 300 people are currently refusing food. (Government sources dispute this figure, but the detainees themselves repeatedly insist on its truth). Many of the hunger strikers are already suffering a collapse in their health. They are being held in conditions of utter squalor, and are being deprived of any information about what is going to be done to them.

    We in the refugee rights campaign feel a need to stand in solidarity with these most vulnerable of human beings as they wage a struggle for rights that most of us take for granted.

    What is happening at Nauru serves as a reminder of both the moral viciousness, and also the unworkability, of offshore processing. Australia needs to put an end to it now.

    Join us at lunchtime in the city, and make a stand with the asylum seekers.
    Further info: Mark, 3891 5385, .

    Presented by Refugee Action Collective, Qld. .

    Remember also: Public meeting presenting Robin de Crespigny, author of “The People Smuggler”.

    6.30pm, Tuesday, 13 November. 2nd floor, TLC Building, 16 Peel St, South Brisbane. Discover how different real people smugglers are from the false stereotypes created by the media and politicians, to justify their cruel policies. Further info: Paul, 3392 3843,

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