The need for a Middle East anti-war coalition is now desperate – Yes / No!?

M8’s, nearly 2 years ago, we had a couple of small meetings on the proposition that what we were seeing in the middle east, was not just a war against 1 or 2 countries, but a broad-ranging assault on all the people of that part of the world.

We all know that this has proved to be more realistic than any of us may have dreaded possible – in our worst nightmares.

That they are non-white. That they are muslims. That they happen to live in a part of the world that is immensely strategic for empire. That their home-lands and national ambitions stand to interfere with the rapacious extraction of black gold. etc, etc. – all goes without saying.

Now there are a number of groups doing immensely useful and profoundly important work on parts of this topic: groups like Just Peace, BDS, Standfast, etc.
For this, we must all be immensely thankful.

But it seems to me that the rationale for a coalition of people, representing these groups, to fulfill some sort of a co-ordinating role, is now more important than ever.

I know, we are all consumed with significant workloads.
But, I’m firmly of the opinion, that a coalition of anti-war groups would provide stronger organising abilities, give us greater impetus, help forge new and better links, and improve our reach in the dissemination of information, etc.
Would we then be able to play a greater role in the prevention of this orchestrated and deliberate destruction of the middle east?
Time will tell.

Please note: most of the people receiving this email are those from the notes we had this time 2 years ago.
I do not know a number of you, but I send this out on the assumption that as you were on the email list then, you are obviously interested.

Looking forward to your comments (please use box below),


One thought on “The need for a Middle East anti-war coalition is now desperate – Yes / No!?

  1. Bruce Hannaford says:

    Essential and long overdue.

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