3 thoughts on “A PLEA from Christmas Island

  1. There is a 7 year waiting list for Public housing in Victoria alone and I don’t think it’s right that Aussies are living in their car or on the street when illegal immigrant get priority health care,dentists, accommodation upon release a Government blank cheque for all their needs and then they sue the tax payer for mental damage …(GIVE ME A BREAK)….
    What about the physical and mental health of Aussies? Who will speak up for them? These are people who have built , paid taxes and defended this Country..

  2. Not illegal says:


    Article 14 of the UN charter establishes without any doubt that there is nothing illegal in being an asylum seeker.

    Asylum seekers do not get priority on health care, dentists and the like … in community detention they do not even have the right to work.

    Lack of public housing has nothing to do with asylum seekers and everything to do with failure to raise taxes from the wealthy in society and to distribute that money to public housing.

    Why seek to blame the victim of Australia government’s military excursion into another’s homeland and murdering old men and children as Australian troops have done recently in pay back for 3 who were shot by disgruntled Afghani soldiers.


    1. Well if they don’t have the right to work how do they feed,house and clothe themselves? Australian TAXPAYERS!
      Why do they pass several Countries to get to Australia? If one is in desperate need STOP at the first safe Country! They should be charged with child endangerment for sticking those kids on boats and encouraging them to go on hunger strikes when they don’t get their own way..NO they are not grateful but greedy….They are still getting housed,clothed and fed and everything else as well as guaranteed safety ,but that’s not enough they want more…..They burn down detention centres when they are refused entry …Makes me sick.

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