Students for Sensible Drug Policy Benefit and news

Sunday Sept 9 3.30pm to 7.00pm

A beguiling mix of history, politics, electronica, psychedelia, world music and reggae will celebrate the formation of the UQ chapter of Students for Sensible Drug Policy at the Joynt on Sunday September 9 from 3.30 to 7pm.

The River City All Stars, Pagan Love Cult, the Turkish Bard and Tirikite Toker, and Dous Tres will fill the bill. Cannabis historian and author of Sir Joseph Banks and Question of Hemp, Dr John Jiggens, will speak on the rediscovery of medical cannabis. Jim Moylan, National Campaign director of HEMP, will talk on the prospects of cannabis reform in Australia.

“We’re at the tipping point in cannabis policy in Australia,” says Jim Moylan.“In drugs policy, when the US sneezes, Australia catches cold. The policy in the US is changing towards medical cannabis and regulation. The demonization of cannabis is losing its appeal.”

Dr Jiggens agrees. “The winds of change are blowing and the formation of the UQ chapter of Students for Sensible Drug Policy shows this. This is the first drug law reform group at UQ since High Society.”

River City All Stars are a band made up of members from some of Brisbane’s most respected reggae and roots acts, including Kingfisha, Kooii, Ruby Blue and Dubmarine. They play a mix of old classic reggae riddims, original tunes and improvised jams.

The Turkish Bard and Tirikite Toker present world music fusing Turkish melodies and Indian rhythms in a Sufic swirl of sound to take you to another dimension (drug-free or not!)

Psychedelic troubadour, Neil Pike, fronts the Pagan Love Cult. With a mixture of music, video and-addled raves, he takes us on a journey through the ecstasies and entropy of a life of music and drug law reform activism.

Dous Tres present contemporary electronic music, fusing elements of dub, trip hop and electronica to create atmospheric beats for you aural enjoyment.

Student for Sensible Drug Policy UQ Club President Sam Finerty thanked all those who had worked to set up the club. “We have the support of a great line-up of bands and speakers for the benefit,” he said. “We look forward to greeting all those concerned with drug law reform at the Joynt on September 9.”

To those who still need reasons to go to the Joynt on Sunday September 9 I whisper “the raffle”. The prize is fabulous and excitingly mysterious. Tickets are limited. Since preference will be given to club members, HEMP members and performers, it makes sense to come along, join up to both or either, buy your tickets, and wait for the gods to deliver.

Was Australia intended as a hemp colony?
Also on Sunday September 9, Dr John Jiggens will talk on the history of Sir Joseph Banks, hemp, and the founding of NSW on Radio National’s Ockham’s Razor at 9.45am. Dr Jiggens latest book is Sir Joseph Banks and the Question of Hemp. (Ask your bookshop and library to get a copy).He has published several books including The killer cop and the murder of Donald Mackay and Marijuana Australiana. With Matt Mawson, Anne Jones and Damien Ledwich, he edited The Best of the Cane Toad Times.

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