Launch of Brisbane Workers Assembly

Meeting – Launch of Brisbane Workers Assembly

Dear friends and comrades

Recently a small group of us looked around and realised that we need to do something about the lack of self-organisation in the working class.

Our decision has been to try to form a Brisbane Workers Assembly.

The initial plan is that we will try to developed city wide collectives drawing together all workers in an industry and also a broad grouping as well.

The plan is that these comrades can start to think about and experiment with organising and struggling in their industries and these experiences can be shared and coherent through the larger group. We also plan to launch a newspaper – The Grind – focusing on the nature of work today and how people are experiencing it and struggling for a better and different kind of world.

We would love you to attend our first launch of this new project, to get involved and participate. Please spread the word and come along to our first meeting at 1pm, 69 Thomas St West End, on Sunday 13th May. To stay in contact please email

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