“Al Nakba” – 15th May

“Al Nakba” is the name for the day that marks the start of the dispossession, ethnic cleansing, apartheid… for the Palestinian people, officially commencing in 1948. It’s commemorated each year on the 15th May. Al Nakba is the Pealestinian equivalent of Invasion Day and is translated as “the Catastrophe”.

In 2012 Justice for Palestine Brisbane is asking for folks to come forward to help remember al Nakba by participating in a procession through Brisbane holding the name of one of the villages destroyed in al Nakba. Village names can be found here:

At the end of the procession the names of the villages will be written on a banner which will be sent to Palestine for display.

The situation in 2012: Palestinians make up the largest group of refugees in the world. There is a 760km wall around the West Bank that has a concrete wall up to 8 metres high, compare this to the 155km Berlin Wall. The Gaza Strip is the most densely populated place on earth and has been under an (increasingly intense) siege by Israel since 2001. The swallowing of Palestinian land since 1948 can be seen here:

Still resistance continues. Currently around 2000 Palestinians prisoners are on hunger strike in response to Israel’s policy of arbitrary and harsh imprisonment, some are close to death. This story has been all but ignored by the mainstream media.

Please join Justice for Palestine on Friday 18th May at King George Square at 5pm to show solidarity with those struggling for justice in Palestine.

rsvp to contact@justiceforpalestinebrisbane.org
facehook event: http://www.facebook.com/events/259277160834929/

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  2. 'Stop the Wall' office raided by Israeli military says:


    At 1.30am this morning ten armored jeeps of the Israeli Occupation Forces surrounded and raided the offices of Stop the Wall in Ramallah. Israeli military stole 2 laptops, 3 hard drives and 10 memory cards containing files and photos as well as archive material relating to the work that the organisation does in opposition to Israel’s apartheid wall and the attack on Palestinian human rights that the wall and the settlements represent. This is yet another attack upon Palestinian civil society and their struggle against the physical and psychological oppression, land confiscation and ethnic cleansing policies of Israel.

    For photos see: http://www.flickr.com/photos/stopthewall/sets/72157629631856082/

    Stop the Wall is one of the most vibrant organizations of human rights defenders in Palestine, and has been promoting, for almost ten years, civil resistance and advocacy campaigns against the Wall and in defense of Palestinian rights to self determination. Human Rights Defenders are internationally recognized as an essential element in political processes and their repression further underlines Israeli unwillingness to achieve a just peace.

    Jamal Juma`, coordinator of the Stop the Wall Campaign, comments:

    “It is not surprising that the Israeli authorities have chosen this moment to escalate their repression against the Stop the Wall grassroots network of civil resistance against the Wall and the settlements, choosing to act on the same day that the Israeli High Court rejected the appeals of Palestinian hunger strikers Bilal Diab and Tha’’ir Halahleh, imprisoned without charge and without trial, effectively condemning them to death.

    The courageous steadfastness of the more than 2000 hunger strikers in Israeli jails is underlining once more the power of civil resistance as part of the Palestinian struggle. Almost daily people are out in the streets to protest in solidarity with the Palestinian political prisoners, and the discontent with the fruitless and completely stalled diplomatic processes is growing stronger. At the same time, the Israeli authorities announced in 2011 to UN agencies that throughout 2012 year they will systematically displace the Palestinian population in area C. While the displacement drive is underway in the Jordan Valley, home demolitions are rising and the settlement construction is accelerated, the people across the West Bank are always more constraint behind the cantons of the wall.

    This raid on the Stop the Wall offices is a clear message that the Israeli authorities are fearing widespread nonviolent action will challenge their policies effectively. Israel is preparing for confrontation and more repression, clearly showing that it is not ready to relinquish any of the international sanctioned rights the Palestinian people are struggling for.”

    This is not the first time Stop the Wall has been the target of Israeli repression. In September 2009 Stop the Wall youth coordinator was arrested and the Stop the Wall coordinator, Jamal Juma’, was arrested a few months later, in December 2009. The Israeli authorities were not able to formulate any accusations against either of them and after a sustained international campaign, that saw the active involvement of the diplomatic missions in Palestine and European foreign ministries as well as countless human rights organizations around the world, both had to be freed in January 2010. This attack was followed only a few months later by an extensive office raid by the Israeli military on February 8 2010 and mass arrests of grassroots human rights defenders in the villages most actively protesting against the Wall. [KC]

  3. Remember Palestine: action to commemorate Al Nakba 2012 says:

    Remember Palestine: action to commemorate Al Nakba 2012

    May 15, 2012 marks the 64th year of the ongoing catastrophe in Palestine. Justice for Palestine Brisbane is organising a rally to commemorate this anniversary on Friday the 18th of May in King George Square at 5pm and we need your support.

    Our idea is to print a placard with the name of each of the over 400 villages destroyed or occupied in 1948. We are calling on supporters of the struggle for justice in Palestine to commit to carrying one of these village names in a procession through the centre of Brisbane and then to join us to write the names on a banner at the end of the march – the banner will be sent to Palestine.

    We need at least four hundred people to illustrate the extent of the ethnic cleansing of Palestine and we ask you to pre-select a village and to commit to turning up to the march to carry the placard that we will print for you with the name of that village. We ask you choose a village but also encourage others to sign up to carry one of the village names so together we can ensure that all the villages are remembered.

    Please help us commemorate Al Nakba this year and show our solidarity with the people of Palestine.

    What you need to do to be part of this action:

    1) See the list of destroyed villages at http://www.justiceforpalestinebrisbane.org/node/44. Decide which village you want to help to remember on the day.

    2) Email your name and which village you will help to remember to:

    3) Be at King George Square at 5pm on May 18.

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