RAC: Organising Meeting + Convergence Report

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Griffith Uni Covergence Reportback

**Griffith Uni Nathan Campus
1pm, Thursday April 26th
Graham Willett Bldg (N53)
Room 0.64**

Eye Witness Accounts: Brisbane contingent reports back on the reality of the detention system in Darwin.

Over Easter, refugee activists from around the country joined a convergence on Darwin to visit inside and protest outside each of its three detention centres. We made contact with hundreds of refugees and more of the horrors of the detention system were revealed. Join us at the next reportback meeting to hear Brisbane activists report on what we saw and see the footage of:

-The Darwin Airport Lodge, prison to hundreds of refugee children

  • Wickham point Detention Centre, expanding in an isolated area outside of Darwin
  • Northern Immigration Detention Centre (NIDC) where there are chronic levels of self-harm and protests that have put the NIDC in a state of perpetual crisis.
  • The contact between the Refugee campaign, Aboriginal Rights Campaign

For more info contact Rob: 0424265730

Organising meeting Correction of previous message. (The Three Monkeys is closed on Anzac Day).

When: Wednesday, 25th April (Anzac Day), 6.30pm.
Where: King Ahiram Lebanese Restaurant, 88 Vulture St, West End. (Near corner of Boundary St).
Getting there: Street parking. 199 bus from city.

All welcome.

Further info: Paul, 3392 3843, paul@rac-qld.org

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