Julian Assange verdict expected after Easter/ rally update

Hi there folks, another update for the ‘Bring Julian Home’ Brisbane rally.

WikiLeaks has announced that they expect a decision to be handed down from the UK Supreme Court just after Easter.
Source: Twitter – WikiLeaks

I will be in contact and will give you the exact DATE for the BRISBANE RALLY ASAP. A program of speakers, direct action and creative interaction will be posted out when the exact date is known for the rally. We welcome contribution from individuals and groups for this event, only asking that the focus remains on Julian Assange. Please email me with your contribution for the event. Email Adele Goldie – goldie_adele@yahoo.com.au

It is expected that the UK Supreme Court will give five days prior notice of when they will hand down the decision. This is a list of all rallies scheduled after Julian Assange receives the verdict on his Supreme Court appeal against extradition to Sweden. These rallies are taking placeregardless of the outcome.
Please email any unlisted rallies, corrections, or further information to mcetera@mail.be.


Note: Supreme Court verdict likely to be handed down in the evening or overnight; rallies take place the following working day.
See Australian Friends of WikiLeaks Twitter (@AusFOWL) for information on all Australian rallies.

  • Brisbane
    Where: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, 295 Ann St.
    When: 12PM – 2PM and 4:30PM – 6PM
    Resources: Flyer 1, Flyer 2, Sticker
    Contact: goldie_adele


    United Kingdom:

    • Edinburgh
      Where: Australian Consulate, Mitchell House, 5 Mitchell St.
      Contact: scofowl Twitter: ScoFoWL
    • London
      Where: Australian High Commission, Australia House, Strand
      Contact: scofowl Twitter: ScoFoWL

    United States:
    Note: Supreme Court verdict likely to be handed down in the early morning; rallies take place the same day.

    • Washington DC
      Where: Embassy of Australia, 1601 Massachusetts Ave.
      When: 3PM
      Resources: Flyer
      Contact: usfowl, Twitter: @USFoWL


Source: Twitter – WikiLeaks @wikileaks

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