PShift: ‘The Swing Riots’

Well Logan was wild
We filled him with bile
He’d seen the Catholic dodge
Plain suicide
We’d ascended his powers
But not that of the King’s
Or the judge down the river’s
But we was happy to swing
We were marched through the scrub
Off to Brisbane for trial
Chained into a whaler
Set off at low tide
With 6 nervous marines
And 6 Enfield rifles
The arse end of the world
And indifferent blue sky

‘Sixteen Straws’ by The Drones

The Swing Riots: Paradigm Shift — 12 noon Fri 20 January 2012 — 4ZZZ FM 102.1

Barbara Hart, spoke this week on the Swing Rioters’

Here are some questions that were discussed on Friday’s subject on the Swing riots.

  1. What book /subject are you talking about today?
  2. What were the swing riots?
  3. What were the background causes?
  4. What methods of protest did they use?
  5. What is interesting about this movement?
  6. What happened to them?

In keeping with the convict theme I will play the song ‘Moreton Bay’ by Frances MacNamara sung by Chloe and Jason Roweth, from a live concert at Humph Hall in Sydney in 2010.

Here is one of the verses of Moreton Bay:

“Like the Egyptians and ancient Hebrews
We were oppressed under Logan’s yoke
Till a native black lying there in ambush
Did deal this tyrant his mortal stroke
My fellow prisoners be exhilarated
That all such monsters such a death may find
And when from bondage we are liberated
Our former sufferings will fade from mind”

– see also A Convict’s Tour to Hell, written in 1839 by the convict Frances MacNamara

Barbara will be coming in once a month to talk on interesting social and political events and will be reviewing books on these issues. For example Barbara will be coming in next month to speak on:
1990 Tram Strike
with Peter, one of the conductors who participated. Here are the topics —

  • background — govt moves
  • methods used before the occupation
  • decision to occupy –ideas behind this move
  • how occupation was run & innovations
  • how did it end
  • what happened to the connies
  • lessons learned


Hammered Festival
As you’ve probably heard there’s a racist music festival called the Hammered music festival being organised in Brisbane. A group is trying organise against it. Details of their next meeting are:

STOP the Hammered Music Festival in Australia
Meeting at TLC Buiding Level 2, 16 Peel St, South Brisbane on Thursday 19th January at 6pm

Contact: corey at or on 0438 006 092

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