Solidarity with West Papuan Workers — Grasberg mine Freeport

Tembagapura, 25 February 2012 .

West Papua –  Grasberg mine Freeport operational again disturbed, was not a result of his finished cases of post-strike. Grasberg mine worker spontaneity of action took place on February 23, 2012 where all the workers coming into the work area but only a standby does not perform work activities as usual. There are many cases that should be resolved by the management of PT Freeport Indonesia newly elected and commissioned. Supposed to return to work after the deal was done, the management of PT Freeport Indonesia should take a wise attitude to all matters relating to strikes “bleached”, so that its future management and workers alike mining operations with good business ethics.

In a change of management structure of PT Freeport Indonesia announced by Mr.Richard C. Adkerson and Mr.James R. Moffett on January 17, 2012 did not have a positive impact on the change in working conditions.

Grasberg mining operations can be run normally when Mr.Richard C. Adkerson and Mr.James R. Moffett and shareholders also may hear and execute proposals and input from workers through the Trade Unions.

Unions do not lock-down the production system.

Thank you.

Your Sincerely,

Frans B.Okoseray ( Papuan Worker )
Trade Union – SPSI PTFI


Workers at the huge copper and gold mine in West Papua have announced that the strike will be extended till 15 December.

Negotiations are still ongoing The union has lowered its bargaining position for the workers pay raise to US$ 4 per hour in the first year and US$ 7.50 per hour the following year.

Management requested the union to clear the road blockade at Mile 27 and Mile 28, but the union refused. This dispute has seen a great deal of violence including workers shot dead.

Last week another shooting incidence took place that wounded an Indonesian police officer as he drove a Freeport vehicle around the mining area. He was shot by unknown gunmen. Given the isolated location of the mine site, the company is hoping to starve the workers back to work. The union representing the Freeport workers, PUK SP – KEP SPSI, is asking for financial donations to support the strikers.

Download PUK SP – KEP SPSI letter
Download ICEM letter

Please make a donation to the mine workers’ union:
Bank: Bank Mandiri
Bank address:
Kantor Cabang Pembantu Tembaga Pura, Timika, Provinsi Papua, Indonesia
count name: DANA PERJUANGAN SPSI PT.Freeport Indonesia
Account number:
Swift code:

Please email puk.fsp.kep.spsi.ptfi to inform the union of your donation. Thank you

One thought on “Solidarity with West Papuan Workers — Grasberg mine Freeport

  1. Yes , we expect public support for change in Papua, particularly at Freeport’s Grasberg.

    With the understanding that the editors of the production worker is ready to run normally if the management of PT Freeport Indonesia could be a fox or changed. In change management (Re-Organization) should be considered advice and suggestions from employees. Because management is now in PT Freeport Indonesia is “Management Conflict” so it should be changed again in 2012 this year.

    In principle all workers ready to support the company in terms of digging or removing mines in accordance with the target company.

    If management can be replaced again Freeport Indonesia as well as suggestions and proposals were received the employees we are very confident everything can be normal again for the betterment of the company, society and the State.

    As the initial information that we want native son of West Papua must be appointed as President Director and CEO of PT Freeport Indonesia. Currently that is ready and able to become President Director is SILAS NATKIME , son of the Tuarek Natkime to sign the agreement with James R.Moffett in Freeport early entry into West Papua.

    Frans Bernhard Okoseray ( West Papuan Workers )
    Member of Board Field Industrial – Trade Union SPSI PTFI

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