BHP in front line as Marines take Darwin

contention & collusion
betwixt & between the imperium
& its pretender are looking more than a tad hot

BHP in front line as Marines take Darwin
By John Helmer

MOSCOW – The share price of OM Holdings, one of the few pure manganese miners in the world to be listed on an international stock exchange, fell 9% the day after the Australian and United States governments signed a new military pact, inviting 2,500 US Marines to a base in Darwin, and threatening China with as yet undisclosed new military measures.

OMH’s manganese is mined in Australia, and that’s where its share is listed also. But its control shareholders are Chinese, who have employed Singapore-based nominees to run the Australian source of manganese – an alloy to strengthen steel – and protect Chinese steelmills from having the manganese price dictated by the real government in Australia, BHP Billiton, one of the world’s

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