WHY Australia wants to drive Afghan refugees out

NOWSHERA, Pakistan A few hundred men took to the streets in a suburb of this city early this month, furiously chanting for the expulsion of neighbors they described as interlopers.

The objects of their ire were Afghan refugees, millions of whom reside here in Pakistan. They are hardly newcomers many fled war, Russian occupation or Taliban rule years or even decades ago. Many were born in Pakistan. Reasd more

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Soviet invasion caused problems and then the creation of mercenaries Mujahideen or Freedom Fighters (now called Terrorists and Talibans) with weapons and training in Pakistan by US added fuel to the fire.

The 3.5 million Afghan refugees ended in sheltered in tented cities or in bigger cities. Pakistan with its exploding population, endless social problems were loaded with another major problem.

No one wants to address the unwanted problems of that country which was caught between a wall and a hard rock, it wasn’t used but abused by US.

Pakistan lost hundreds of thousands of their personnel fighting the Soviets, the so called collateral damage inflicted by US with its DRONES and misguided Missiles.

Read Ahmad Rasheed and listen to Pakistanis before considering them as cockroaches.

A trigger happy US agent kill 2 or 3 men in Lahore because he was in a rush, pays off for his crime and is laughing in the states. US, where ever it goes acts as a bully, diplomatically and intellectually they are bankrupt when it comes to problems of the poor nations.

Reminds one of Queen Maria Anntionette, “if people are revolting for lack of bread why don’t they eat cakes.”

In all fairness US and the West should stay out of poor countries, they will eventually solve their problems and will also pride over their achievements but sending military in the guise of specialists, prowling and sabotaging MUSLIM countries may work for a while, eventually the hydra they have created will keep on growing its tentacles.

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