Democratic Rights and Occupy Brisbane

Local Brisbane Solicitor Terry Fisher spoke at Occupy Brisbane this afternoon – this is what he said:

Sorry, I  did not catch all the questions in the session – however Terry’s responses give listeners a clear idea of what was asked.

I think his comments should be taken as a brief guide of how we can avoid further harassment  from the cops and civil authorities.

Thanks to Terry for taking the time to come and answer our questions and giving such a frank assessment of our rights especially the failure of the Peaceful Assemblies Act to protect our rights. Terry discussed the possibility of a test case. His assessment can be weighed against the following article

This is what democracy looks likePosted: 01 Nov 2011 08:03 PM PDT

The Peaceful Assembly Act 1992 (Qld) (the PAA) gives people the right to hold peaceful public assemblies in Queensland. #Occupy Brisbane moved by police and Lord Mayor Today 2 November 2011 Brisbane Lord Mayor, Graham Quirk,  used the ancient criminal … Continue reading →

Please note Terry’s comments about the Safe Penalties Enforcement Register (SPER) … how we might end up in jail. They can take our driver’s licences away from us. Note also his comments about ‘notice to appear’ and having to give particulars. Have to give us the notice to particulars. I do not wish to scare anyone here and his comments should be seen in the light of the failure of SPER to recover $6.5 million in fines to date. Community Service is a better option than going to jail.

We at Occupy Brisbane are copping a lot of flak from passers by and criticism from uniformed people who following our progress in the media. At a social function this evening some young people really gave us a serve. My initial response is for them to ignore the coverage in the media and come a see for themselves … but then some people are so bigoted this may reinforce their prejudice against us.

I think we need to have a serious discussion about how to respond to this.

I think i speak for all when i say we are grateful to Uncle Ted and the elders of Musgrave Park for their continuing support for being in the Musgrave. I am worried that we will bring down the authorities on the very people who support us. This would be a sad day were it to happen.

Fortunately Brisbane Blacks are a resolute and strong mob and have withstood such political interference in their park from state, civil authorities and police for many years.

Always was, always will be aboriginal land!

Ian Curr
21 November 2011

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