Enoggera Five

Thursday 20TH October

Culley, Sean, Jim Cristel & Andy

Two people who sat in front of a truck involved in construction work at Enoggera Army base in Brisbane, are due to appear in Brisbane Magistrates Court for a hearing today.

Jim Dowling and Culley Palmer blocked the entrance to the base in July this year, in an action opposing the war in Afghanistan and the Rockhampton war games which were occurring at the time.

The pair will argue that they had a right and duty under international law to intervene in what they believed was a war crime, that is the waging a war of aggression against the people of Afghanistan.

The pair were charged with being a public nuisance, contravening a police direction , and hindering police.

Phone Jim 34253003 or Culley 0448364227

One thought on “Enoggera Five

  1. Another defence says:

    I think at least one of the protestors has another defence – it is based on the police lie that he did not given a reason for being there when he was arrested.

    He gave a valid common law defence – saying that he believed what he was doing was lawful and justified thereby making a ‘claim of right’.

    It was the police who acted unlawfully by arresting a person who had given a valid reason for being at the Enoggera barracks.

    Please see Behold the Siamese twins of the Queensland police force

    I do not think that police can lawfully arrest people engaged in praying for soldiers lost in a pointless and unjustified war that profits the imperialists and their puppets.

    Ian Curr

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