OCCUPY Melb meets today

What: Occupy Melbourne Second Organising/Committees Meeting
When: 1.30pm this Sunday 9 October
WHERE: Eco Shout @ Ross House, Ground Floor, 247 Flinders Lane, CBD
. (This is the block in between Swanston and Elizabeth Streets).
Contact: Ben Convey 0413 208 134 in case you have any problems finding us.


The Occupy Melbourne Organising Committee (est 2/10/11) is currently tasked with co-ordinating the formation of various Working Groups and Committees.

Working Groups and Committees are groups of people focussed on addressing specific tasks or actions. Anyone can join a working group by getting in touch with them. Once Occupy Melbourne commences, physical points of contact for each working group will be established, including an “Info Desk” to act as a first port of call for newcomers and information for the general public.


Info Desk team
Will allocate and roster to staff the Info Desk and handle the general functioning of the Info Desk.
CONTACT: occupymelbourne

Facilitation working group
Collaboratively facilitates the General Assemblies and helps facilitate workshops and discussion groups, anyone can facilitate by getting in touch with this working group.
CONTACT: Nick – 0438 428 116

Police Liaison team
Will liaise with Victoria Police and other authorities to ensure the camp, marches and occupation overall remains peaceful.
CONTACT: gwdawe / Manu – 0411 842 677

First Aid & Medical team
Will co-ordinate the provision of First Aid trained personnel at the occupation and will liaise with Medical and Health services to ensure proper access and communication.
CONTACT: Jade – 0402 190 008 / Tina – 0411 757 460

Media & Communications working group
Is handling inquiries from all media and establishing best lines of communication to build support for Occupy Melbourne. Will work along side the Social networking WG.
CONTACT: occupymelbourne

Promotion working group
Is currently promoting the event, including flyer/poster distribution. It is possible this working group will be responsible for co-ordinating signage and provisions for making signs on-site from the 15th. It is possible this working group could eventually merge with the “Media & Communications” working group.
CONTACT: jade.elise.brown / t_athanas

Organising committee
Is currently tasked with co-ordinating the formation of Working Groups and Committees and is helping these to prepare for the occupation of City Square.
CONTACT: occupymelbourne

Direct Action working group
Proposes strategies for direct action, pickets, marches, etc.
CONTACT: occupymelbourne

Food supply team
Will be co-ordinating a supply of food to the demonstrators. This supply should not be relied on as your sole source of food. There are many other food vendors close by to the site. Campers are encouraged to bring their own food. Provisions for cooking will be provided at a central Kitchen.
CONTACT: feed.melbourne

Indigenous Liaison
Is currently liaising with representatives from Melbourne’s Indigenous community. Occupy Melbourne recognises that this camp will take place on the land of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation, who are the traditional owners of the land upon which Melbourne occupies. We welcome all members of Melbourne’s indigenous community who want to participate in Occupy Melbourne.
CONTACT: occupymelbourne

Internet working group
Is currently administering the Occupy Melbourne website and co-ordinating other internet-based media such as YouTube, Vimeo, Livestream, etc. It is possible the “Social Networking” working group could merge with this working group from the 15th.
CONTACT: occupy.melbourne.website

Social Networking team
To administer and moderate Twitter, Facebook, etc. Will work along side the Media/Communications working group. It is possible this working group could merge with the broader “Internet” working group from the 15th.
CONTACT: t_athanas / nickisnow

Community Outreach working group
Will liaise with community groups, unions and workplaces to unify broad-based support for Occupy Melbourne from within existing community structures.
CONTACT: occupymelbourne

Legal team
Will be providing legal advice and resources and will liaise with legal authorities if required to ensure Occupy Melbourne remains lawful.
CONTACT: rikkicairns / www.activistrights.org.au
INFO: Activist Rights Handbook

Arts & Culture committee
Will be organising scheduled music and arts-related events. Musicians are encouraged to bring acoustic instruments to the camp. Those interested in performing amplified music at City Square will be asked to register their interest at the “Info Desk” or contact this working group.
CONTACT: Info Desk (on site) / workshopsoccupymelbourne

Other working groups/committees have also been proposed…
People’s Cinema – to screen nightly suggestions from the people of Melbourne
City Square Press – to produce a publication out of City Square
Occupy Together Info Hub – to share information, screen video & livestreams from other occupations
Sustainability committee – to assess the environmental impacts of Occupy Melbourne
Comfort committee – to address the comfort of the occupiers, including sleeping provisions
(pending personnel, logistics and resources)
















For more information, use social media, youtube, vimeo, the occupy together website, individual blogs! The mainstream media is ignoring what is going on, you won’t find any info let alone balanced info through mainstream sources, which are mostly controlled by vested interests who support corporate influence over representative democracy.


2 thoughts on “OCCUPY Melb meets today

  1. Electricians occupy London says:


  2. Occupy Brisbane says:

    We are peaceful citizens from all walks of life looking to occupy Brisbane until change occurs. (More to come)
    Gaining our genesis from ‘Occupy Wall St’, we believe financial institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.

    Go here for more information on the birth of Occupy Wall St – https://occupywallst.org/

    Following the principles of Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jnr, Tolstoy & Jesus – Not Bush / Obama, Napoleon & Caesar.

    General information

    We’ll ALWAYS remain peaceful and respectful of all political persuasions, working with Police & the people of Brisbane.


    We simply propose a directly democratic and non-hierarchical social situation where neither capital nor the state determine the way we live or how society functions – that is what would be ideal. In other words, a real democracy in which we consciously and collectively determine social life. This is incompatible with both capitalism and state socialism – both of which produce economic and political monopolies.

    We recognise and acknowledge the traditional owners of the land – the Turrbal nation – and the imperial colonisation and subsequent occupation of this country. Sovereignty never ceded.

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