Ten years ago the Howard Government fell in behind George Bush in the invasion of Afghanistan. This was in reaction to the events of 9-11 although all but one of the highjackers were Saudi.

The War on Terror has become a War of Terror.

Place: Lloyd St. entrance of Gallipoli Barracks, Enoggera

Time: 2.30pm.

Date: 7 October


The premise behind the invasion has been to destroy al Qaeda and kill Osama. The US government has gloated in achieving the latter but the Taliban have proven undefeated and the war still rages.

The real victims have been the Afghani civilian population with a higher rate of casualties in the past 6 months than any other similar period since the invasion. Successive Australian governments speak of ‘staying the course’, ‘finishing the job’ and will ‘not cut and run’.

However for many respected Afghani leaders such as elected representative Malalai Joya, leaving this war is precisely what they want Australia to do. We are seen as supporting the very corrupt Kasai regime where democracy is a farce.

The Australian military persists in pursuing a clandestine kill/capture strategy which has been manipulated by false ‘intelligence’ to kill opponents. We have killed many civilians including 5 children during a single raid in February, 2009.Three of the soldiers involved were charged but Australian military has recently concluded its own closed door investigation and all charges dropped.

WE are called upon at this time to stand with the Afghani people and say NO MORE KILLING. We demand that the Australian government immediately withdraw its troops.

To this end we call on all good folk to join with us in taking that message to the Gallipoli Barracks at Enoggera on 7 October, the 10th anniversary of the invasion.

It is here that much of the training takes place and from where troops have been deployed to Afghanistan. We will convey that message to the Australian military and the Australian government. Bring the troops home, remember those that have suffered and died in Afghanistan over the past 10 years and demand an Australian foreign policy based on justice.

For further information contact Sean (0423749946) or Jim (34253003) and please spread the word.


                      HEAL THE WOUNDED

                      END THE WARS!

3 thoughts on “10 YEARS AND THE WAR GOES ON!

  1. Hi Folks, just a reminder that on Thursday (6 October 2011) at 6.30pm there is an information, music and poetry night at Blackstar Coffee Shop, Thomas St West end to mark 10 years of Australian war in Afghanistan.

    Then on Friday 7th there is a vigil at Enoggera army barracks at the Lloyd St entrance at 2.30pm.

    See you there!

    Jim (ph 34253003)

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