Defence of Poetry group 22 July at 2.30pm, now in room E219

Anyone intending to come to the first session of the reading of Shelley’s Defence of Poetry on Friday the 22nd of July at 2.30pm should note that there has been a change in the location. It was advertised as room E 232 in the Forgan Smith Building.

Unfortunately that room will be taken up at that time by the Orientation Week authorities for the orientation of new students.

Our group will now be meeting instead in room E 219 in the same building, i.e. E 219 in the Forgan Smith Building.

This is on the same ground floor, further down in the direction of the library.

From the following week, on Friday the 29th of July, we will be in room E 212, but for this first week please remember that we are now in room E 219.



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