Apartheid = separateness

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Listening to ABC News radio this evening. Heard that four Israeli citizens were caught up in Christchurch earthquake last year. Sadly one was crushed to death. Israeli secret service ”extracted” his three compatriots within twelve hours.. New Zealand police discovered 5 passports of other people on the person who died. Such passports were used as cover by Israeli assassins in Dubai last year as cover when they killed a Palestinian leader. Israel has along history of passport fraud in Australia & New Zealand.

Here are some podcasts of topics covered on PS in 2011 that explore Israeli Apartheid.

Strange Fruit – anti-apartheid struggles in Qld

What if you knew – Israel’s Apartheid

Lies and Silence – Israeli Apartheid Week

Return to Gaza – interview with Michael Weatherhead co-director of the film

Thanks to David Rovics, Phil Monsour for their songs and to Michael Weatherhead for doing the interview about his film Return to Gaza.

This material was broadcast on the Paradigm Shift (4ZZZ) in March 2011.

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